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Of all the debates that revolve around the arts, entertainment, and sports, surely the most contentious for any category is the question of who is “The Greatest” (or, in modern parlance, The GOAT). Some branches seem to have an answer: in boxing, Muhammad Ali is simply known as “The Greatest.” With other fields, there are answers with caveats: for the NBA, if it’s rings, it’s Bill Russell, and if it’s general excellence, it’s Michael Jordan. But when it comes to music, and particularly American music, every genre is so laden with subjective opinions, clashing definitions, and varying criteria that it can be incredibly hard to answer that divisive question. Nevertheless, as we acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Aerosmith’s debut album (a band that is often considering one of the “The Greatest”), we’re going to try.

What Is a Rock Band?

A rock band’s gotta be a rock band — guitar, bass, drums — rock. It also has to be an American rock band. No Beatles, Stones, Who, Zeppelin, U2, Maiden, Priest, Clash, Queen, Rush, Sabbath, Floyd, AC/DC, Golden Earring, etc. Any commenters suggesting anyone beyond the 50 states and territories will be sent to the Woodstock cool-down tent to chill out. Fleetwood Mac is also DQed: sorry, 3/5 of the classic line-up is British.

In terms of attacking the question, we’ll start with a few groups that are easily identified as leaders in a certain category. Like the NBA, it might not yield a clear, immediate winner, but it’s instructional in terms of how an act could be considered The Greatest.

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Eagles perform “Hotel California” in 1977 (Uploaded to YouTube by Eagles)

According to a Business Insider piece that was originally published in 2016 and updated for November 2022, the rock band with the most albums sold in America is The Eagles (or, Eagles, if you’re a stickler). They’ve racked up sales topping 120 million records. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band would be next with 71 million units, but there’s a major glitch there: some releases are credited only to Springsteen as solo albums (like 1987’s Grammy-winning, three-million-selling #1 album Tunnel of Love). So the true #2 would be the aforementioned Aerosmith, at 69.5 million. Then it’s Metallica, with 63 million (yes, Lars Ulrich is a Danish citizen, but the remaining 75 percent of the band throughout its history has been American). After that, Van Halen checks in at #4 with 56.6 million units (yes, Eddie and Alex Van Halen were born in the Netherlands, but they immigrated to the States when Eddie was seven and were naturalized U.S. citizens). Rounding out the top five is Journey, with 49 million sold.

More Impact Than Success

The Velvet Underground performing “Sweet Jane” (Uploaded to YouTube by Warner Records Vault)

A different way to measure greatness might be a band’s influence. There’s an ongoing joke in music circles that not that many people bought The Velvet Underground & Nico, but that everyone who did started a band. Even U2’s Bono said, “Every song we’ve ever written was a rip-off of a Lou Reed song.” The group had a seismic impact on what would become the New York City punk scene, a breeding ground for Patti Smith, The New York Dolls, Television, Talking Heads, Blondie, and, of course, The Ramones. The Ramones themselves are an exemplar of impact over success; their records were never chartbusters, but their songs have become well-known despite a lack of radio airplay, and their fast, aggressive style left an indelible mark on punk, metal, and alternative rock. An icon in his own right, Henry Rollins, wrote “The Ramones influenced a lot of bands and reached more people than anyone could imagine.”

Speaking of the alternative rock landscape, Hüsker Dü emerged from Minneapolis in 1979 to redefine the parameters of hardcore, raise the speed limit set by The Ramones, and provide a new power-trio blueprint that acts like Green Day and Nirvana would follow. Critic Zeth Lundy of Vanyaland even called them ““The Beatles of the ‘80s.” Another major influence on Nirvana, and alt-rock in general, was The Pixies; the band’s melding of distortion, surf guitar, and loud/soft/loud dynamics echoed through nearly every rock band that rose in the ’90s, including their artier U.K. brethren Radiohead. That band’s Johnny Greenwood said, ““The reason we don’t use as much guitar now is there are only a handful of Pixies albums. You can’t keep copying them.” Could the best band be the band that influenced the largest number of subsequent bands?

Most Musical Exploration

“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys (Uploaded to YouTube by The Beach Boys)

While there will always be those who want their rock to be 4/4 time with easily identifiable verse/chorus/verse structures and predictably timed guitar solos (and that is 100% fine), many of the greatest acts push the boundaries and redefine what it means to be a rock musician. No single American musician grew more from their first single to their later work than Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. The growth rate from 1961’s “Surfin’” to 1966’s immortal trio of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” and “Good Vibrations” is almost incalculable, and it happened in just five years. One major argument for Wilson and the rest of the band’s greatness is how they captured distinctively American imagery (our country’s love of cars, California culture, etc.) and made it an inextricably part of their music and identity. It’s possible that no one went as far as Wilson, but the counterargument will always be that they drifted from recording as the core unit to assembling a vast swath of studio musicians, like the storied Wrecking Crew, which changes the concept of “rock band.”

While Brian Wilson was an undeniable genius, another act that stretched the boundaries of the genre was a product of the New York punk scene: Blondie. Debbie Harry combined a bombshell aesthetic and a unique vocal style; the rest of Blondie excelled musically, notably Chris Stein on guitar and Clem Burke on drums (all of whom still tour). Harry’s versatility and the whole band’s adventurous spirit saw them veer across eclectic genres, doing everything from rockers to ballads to disco to reggae to hip-hop. That’s right; for some kids, “Rapture” was the first time that they heard anything approximating rap. And it made sense for the band because they legitimately were friends with the hip-hop pioneers they referenced, like Fab 5 Freddy and Grandmaster Flash. Aside from selling 40 million records, you know that you’re a great rock band if you can make a great song in any genre.

(Video) Fred Armisen Impersonates Each Decade of Punk Music | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


“Rock and Roll All Nite” by Kiss (Uploaded to YouTube by KISSARMYHQ)

People see live music for entirely different reasons. Some like to see the music performed at the peak of an artist’s abilities. Some like the communal experience. Others . . . they love pyro. And whether you like them or not, it’s hard to deny that the ultimate avatars of showmanship have to be . . . Kiss. What do you get at a Kiss show? Pyro? Check. Lasers? Check. Fire-breathing? Check. During the Hot in the Shade tour the band deployed a giant talking sphinx with spotlights for eyes. Kiss are not subtle. Of course, the pervasive image of Kiss is the look that they designed back in the 1970s, the one-two punch of make-up and costume. Patterned around the vaguely super-heroic identities that each member created for themselves (The Demon, Star-Child, Spaceman, The Cat), Kiss’s outfits made them look unlike any band before them, though many have emulated them since. If “The Show” is your metric, you must consider Kiss.

Genre Elevator

“One” by Metallica (Uploaded to YouTube by Metallica)

One consideration has to be how much a band contributed to, or elevated, their genre. It’s possible that no American band elevated a genre more than the group that literally has their category in their name: Metallica. Metallica stretched the boundaries of metal, working initially within the thrash subgenre and then expanding into songs that were essentially suites with various movements, including key and tempo changes. This is a different version of the boundary-stretching that Brian Wilson employed, notably because Metallica did it with their own four core members. The bands lyrics delved into serious topics, including depression, addiction, and the cost of war, putting a literary spin on a style of music that had often been derided for a shallow focus on hedonism. They were underground heroes and then, suddenly in 1991, “Enter Sandman,” exploded, driving them to be one of the biggest bands in the world. Metallica is the first group to have performed on all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica). From emerging from a specific San Francisco scene to worldwide metal ambassadors, it’s hard to discount Metallica.

Genre Shifter

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana (Uploaded to YouTube by Nirvana)

Metallica may have elevated heavy metal, but what do you say about the greatness of a band whose arrival changed the rock landscape seemingly overnight? Much has been made of how Nirvana seemingly destroyed “hair metal” when it broke out, but what it really did was proclaim that not only had alternative rock fully arrived, it could dominate a decade. Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic had one acclaimed album under their belts, but the addition of drummer Dave Grohl gave 1991’s Nevermind a sound that shook the world. Disaffected youth found an anthem in “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and the band’s hometown of Seattle suddenly had a spotlight on all of its other rising bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains. While inroads had been made by acts like R.E.M. and the first Lollapalooza festival, Nirvana really were the lever that moved rock into the 1990s. Though the band dissolved after Cobain’s death in 1994, they remain a contender, as may the band that Grohl formed just a year later: the 32x platinum Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Foo Fighters.


“Eruption” by Van Halen (Uploaded to YouTube by Van Halen)

In determining the greatest band, musicianship should always count. Rock fans continually discuss Frankensteining the best band ever by combining the greatest players into one unit. But who are the greatest players? For lead guitar, there are essentially two late greats in the running: Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. Is the best bassist Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Les Claypool from Primus, or someone else entirely? Who would you put behind the drums: Dave Grohl, Jimmy Chamberlin from Smashing Pumpkins (check out “Geek U.S.A.” You’re welcome), or another choice? For lead vocals, do you go with Ann Wilson or maybe Ronnie James Dio?

(Video) Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off

“Alone” by Heart (Uploaded to YouTube by thebandheart)

Speaking of Ann Wilson, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart inspired countless women to rock via Ann’s unmatched vocal prowess and Nancy’s place as one of the most visible female guitarists in the history of rock. They always surrounded themselves with top-notch players. But Ann arguably has the greatest voice in American rock, and it has lost nothing in over 50 years. If you have a legit vocal virtuoso up front, does that make you the greatest?

For an entire American band, is it possible that there is a group where every member is a virtuoso? Maybe Eddie is so great that you overlooked how good the rest of Van Halen is. This really is the most granular category of the debate, but it bears a close look.

Most Unexpected Resurgence

“Walk This Way” (Uploaded to YouTube by Run DMC)

America loves a good comeback story, and two of the five best-selling American rock bands have stories of amazing returns to prominence. Aerosmith had, by their own admission, gone off the rails due to substance abuse. The band was already getting clean and pulling together with 1985’s Done with Mirrors, but it was 1986’s team-up with Run-DMC for their hip-hop cover of “Walk This Way” that introduced Aerosmith to a new generation and re-established them as a top act. 1987’s Permanent Vacation and 1989’s Pump made Aerosmith one of the biggest bands in the world and sold a combined 12 million copies in the U.S. alone.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” (Uploaded to YouTube by Journey)

The other major return in that top five came from an unusual place. Journey had been a successful band for years, and had come back from hiatus in the mid-’90s. Lead singer Steve Perry had departed and was replaced by Steve Augeri in 1998. The band continued to make music and tour, but an unforeseen circumstance launched them into the iTunes Top 10 in 2005. That was when “Don’t Stop Believin’” was featured in the second season premiere of MTV’s wildly popular reality series, Laguna Beach. A car sing-along with cast members Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti drove downloads in insane numbers. After that, “Believin’” basically became America’s second national anthem. The song became a staple of every major sports venue while being used all across media, most notably on a recurring basis on Glee and in the much-discussed finale of The Sopranos. Journey had never really gone away, but the rebirth of that song made it so they never will.


“I Hate Myself for Loving You” (Uploaded to YouTube by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)

Many of the bands in the conversation have existed in one way or another for decades. Some have left and come back, like Eagles, Journey, and Aerosmith. Others have persisted through line-up changes, like The Beach Boys or Metallica. But occasionally you have the rare rock and roll survivor that was a legend in two bands, and never stopped. That described Joan Jett. Joan Jett became the avatar of toughness, earning the respect and adulation from every other genre of rock, including the punk, metal, and alternative bands. With The Runaways, she forced everyone to recognize the legitimacy and power of a band consisting entirely of women. Later, fronting Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, she became an indefatigable symbol of never-ending touring. Her recorded output includes covers that she made her own (“I Love Rock ‘n Roll”), statement originals (“Bad Reputation”), and tunes that have become ingrained in the cultural fabric (“I Hate Myself for Loving You,” which is the source for “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” the theme to NBC’s Sunday Night Football). If being unstoppable is a sign of greatness, put another dime in the jukebox for Joan.

Most-Played on Radio

Sure, you may be saying, those are all fine categories. But wouldn’t how often we hear the band have something to do with it? Performance rights organization BMI reports The Association’s “Never My Love” was the second most-played song of the 20th century (for completists, #1 was American vocal duo The Righteous Brothers with “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”). But in the broader sense (as in the whole body of work, versus one song), the two bands with the most radio airplay consistently are Eagles and Van Halen. In 2014, Nielsen Soundscan reported that Eagles’ “Hotel California” plays somewhere on American radio stations every eleven minutes. If pervasiveness is a metric, that’s big point in their favor.

(Video) The Killers - Shot At The Night

Most Streamed

“Demons” (Uploaded to YouTube by ImagineDragons)

Seeing as we’re over two decades into the 21st century, streaming must also be taken into consideration. According to Spotify, the American band with the most streams is Imagine Dragons with a whopping 22 billion plays. In fact, four of their songs (“Thunder,” “Demons,” “Believer,” and “Radioactive”) have been streamed over a billion times each.

So, Who Is It?

After carefully weighing the options and examining the data and listening to waaaay too many songs given our deadline, the answer is . . . impossible to determine. Music is, was, and always will be a matter of personal taste. One person’s deep connection to a band’s music and lyrics might not be another person’s experience at all. You may love Blondie, but can’t stand Imagine Dragons (in this example, “you” is “this writer”). And really, that’s what’s great about music in general. There’s something for everyone. There will never be an all-encompassing number one pick, but there’s no reason to ever stop trying to convince someone else that you’re right. So dream on, don’t stop believin’, and avoid unmarked hotels, especially in California.

Troy Brownfield’s Completely Subjective, Unscientific, and Highly Personal Top Five List of The Greatest American Bands Ever

The Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” and “Good Vibrations” are close to perfect as anyone’s going get.

Blondie: My single favorite song of all time is “Dreaming.” It has everything. Harry’s glorious vocals, tremendous keys by Jimmy Destri, unassailable guitar work by Chris Stein, and a true monster of a drum performance by Clem Burke.

The Ramones: It is my closely-held belief that it is un-American to not like The Ramones. The Ramones are everything great about rock, but faster.

Nirvana: I was at Headstone Friends in Terre Haute, Indiana on September 24, 1991 to pick up my own copy of Gish by Smashing Pumpkins (my best friend had gone a different college, and had the group copy). One of the younger clerks of my acquaintance put Nevermind on top of Gish and said, “You’re going to want this.” Best customer service ever. That record shook the planet. It still does.

Guns N’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction is quite possibly the greatest debut album by any band. It’s like they arrived as fully-formed avatars of rock spirit, the product of an unholy union between classic rock and punk. It’s easy to make jokes about dysfunction, but nobody can joke about “Rocket Queen.”

Bonus:Any band featuring Bob Mould. My single favorite musician has fronted Hüsker Dü, Sugar, and The Bob Mould Band. He frequently tours with just himself and his electric guitar, because HE CAN. Bob rules.

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Who sang most of The Beatles songs? ›

Turns out John Lennon led the pack, having sung lead on 109 Beatles tunes. Paul McCartney was a very close 2nd with 98. But while Lennon dominated the early Beatles albums (songs like “Please Please Me”), McCartney tended to sing more leads on the band's later recordings.

Who made the first rock and roll song? ›

The first rock'n'roll record was 'Rocket 88', recorded by Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats at Sam Phillips' Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is the first rock song? ›

The most widely held belief is that the first rock'n'roll single was 1951's Rocket 88, written by Ike Turner, sung by Jackie Brenston (the saxophone player from Turner's backing band The Kings of Rhythm), and recorded by Sam Phillips, who later went on to found Sun records and discover Elvis Presley.

Why is Rocket 88 considered the first rock song? ›

Larry Birnbaum, a respected rock historian, argued that one of the reasons that 'Rocket 88' is considered the first-ever rock and roll song, is that “Kizart's broken amp anticipated the sound of the fuzzbox, which was in its heyday when 'Rocket 88' was rediscovered”.

Who was the greatest Beatle? ›

Ranking the Individual Beatles
  • Ranking the Fab Four. So, when it comes to the four members of the most influential group in the history of rock, how would one rank them individually? ...
  • #1: Paul. ...
  • #2: George. ...
  • #3 John. ...
  • #4 Ringo. ...
  • They All Shine On.
Mar 22, 2021

Who has more #1 hits than The Beatles? ›

Music Industry

Over the years, many artists have topped the list of the country's most popular songs at the time, but none did so more often than The Beatles. With 20 no. 1 singles on the Hot 100 charts, the iconic British rock band are just one hit ahead of Mariah Carey, who has 19 notches in her belt.

Who was the king of rock? ›

Elvis Presley is, quite simply, the King of Rock & Roll. In 1954, the performer kicked off a musical revolution by modernizing traditional genres such as blues, country and bluegrass for contemporary (and more youthful) audiences.

Who is the real father of rock and roll? ›

Revolutionary blues singer Chuck Berry, often referred to as the "poet laureate" and "father" of rock 'n' roll, died Saturday, police in Missouri said. He was 90.

What singer has had a Billboard No 1 hit in each of the last four decades? ›

Mariah Carey Is the First Artist to Hit No. 1 on Hot 100 in Four Decades | Billboard News – Billboard.

What is the biggest rock hit of all time? ›

  1. 'Purple Haze' by Jimi Hendrix. ...
  2. 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin. ...
  3. 'Sympathy for the Devil' by The Rolling Stones. ...
  4. 'Under Pressure' by Queen & David Bowie. ...
  5. 'Baba O'Riley' by The Who. ...
  6. 'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd. ...
  7. 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. ...
  8. 'Funk #49' by the James Gang.
Nov 4, 2022

What is the most listened to rock song of all time? ›

100 Greatest Rock Songs as voted by Planet Rock Listeners.
11.Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven (1991) [Single]
22.Queen Bohemian Rhapsody / These Are the Days of Our Lives (1991) [Single]
33.Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird / Sweet Home Alabama / Double Trouble (1976) [Single]
44.Deep Purple Smoke on the Water (1973) [Single]
119 more rows

Who is considered the first rock star? ›

How Franz Liszt Became The World's First Rock Star : NPR. How Franz Liszt Became The World's First Rock Star The classical pianist, who turns 200 today, changed the art of performance forever with his over-the-top concerts, creating a craze that historians have dubbed "Lisztomania."

What is the oldest known tune? ›

Hurrian Hymn No. 6” is considered the world's earliest melody, but the oldest musical composition to have survived in its entirety is a first century A.D. Greek tune known as the “Seikilos Epitaph.” The song was found engraved on an ancient marble column used to mark a woman's gravesite in Turkey.

What was America's first hit song? ›

America's best-known song is their 1972 debut single, "A Horse with No Name". It was the lead-off single to their self-titled debut album. The song became their first number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and was also a Top 5 hit in the United Kingdom, where it reached number three on the UK Singles Chart.

What was the first hard rock song? ›

Early forms of hard rock can be heard in the work of Chicago blues musicians Elmore James, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf, the Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie" (1963) which made it a garage rock standard, and the songs of rhythm and blues influenced British Invasion acts, including "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks ( ...

Who is the most forgotten Beatle? ›

Pete Best - the forgotten Beatle

He played drums with The Beatles for two years before he was thrown out of the band, never to have contact with them again. After the initial shock, Pete Best built a quiet, normal life for himself. He initially took a break from music, but came back in 1988 with a band of his own.

Who was the mastermind of The Beatles? ›

Brian Epstein was the original manager and the mastermind behind the success of The Beatles.

What were John Lennon's last words to Paul McCartney? ›

Although their intimate conversations remained private, Paul's wife Linda McCartney once revealed John Lennon's last words to his former band mate. As Ultimate Classic Rock reveal, they were: “Think about me every now and then, old friend.”

Who has sold the most records ever? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales. Second is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sales, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units.

What is the #1 song of all time? ›

Blinding Lights

Who has the most #1 song of all time? ›

1. The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20.
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Sep 28, 2020

Who was the greatest frontman of all time? ›

1. Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is the link between folk, '60s R&B, punk, and of course, rock and roll. He's the common man's arena superhero and in his mid sixties, his concerts still last over three hours.

Who is the best rock band in history? ›

The 10 best rock bands ever
  • The Beatles. The Beatles are unquestionably the best and most important band in rock history, as well as the most compelling story. ...
  • Beatlemania redux. ...
  • The Rolling Stones. ...
  • U2. ...
  • The Grateful Dead. ...
  • Velvet Underground. ...
  • Led Zeppelin. ...
  • Ramones.
Mar 30, 2004

Who is the Queen of rock? ›

Tina Turner, the iconic singer known as the "Queen of Rock and Roll," has now been immortalized with a Barbie doll in her honor.

Who really invented rock music? ›

Chuck Berry did in fact invent rock'n'roll. Of course similar musics would have sprung up without him. Elvis was Elvis before he'd ever heard of Chuck Berry. Charles' proto-soul vocals and Brown's everything-is-a-drum were innovations as profound as Berry's.

Who is the godfather of rock music? ›

Chuck Berry
Other namesFather of Rock N' Roll
OccupationsSinger-songwriter musician
SpouseThemetta Suggs ​ ( m. 1948)​
11 more rows

Who is the kings of rock and roll? ›

"King of Rock and Roll" is a nickname most commonly associated with American singer Elvis Presley (1935–1977).

Who has had a #1 hit every decade? ›

Cher has become the only act in history to have a No. 1 single in each of the last 6 decades.

What is the longest #1 album on Billboard? ›

Most weeks at No. 1
54West Side StoryVarious artists
37ThrillerMichael Jackson
31RumoursFleetwood Mac
South Pacific‡Various artists
7 more rows

What is the number one album of all time? ›

Michael Jackson's Thriller, estimated to have sold 70 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album ever. Jackson also currently has the highest number of albums on the list with five, Celine Dion has four, while the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Whitney Houston each have three.

What is considered the best song ever written? ›

Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' named Greatest Song of All Time by Rolling Stone.

What American rock band has sold the most records? ›

The best-selling album ever in America is the Eagles' Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, released in 1976. With 29 million copies sold it is also one of the highest-selling albums globally with 45 million copies sold worldwide.

What is the best selling hard rock band of all time? ›

Having gone through that, the best selling rock band of all time is Led Zeppelin with 111.5 million records sold. They went platinum 111 times!

What are the 5 most recorded songs of all time? ›

Here's 5 of the most covered songs in history
  • “Yesterday” by The Beatles. ...
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. ...
  • “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones: ...
  • “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. ...
  • “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, sung by Judy Garland.
Mar 24, 2022

Who is the oldest rock star still playing? ›

16 Of The Oldest Musicians Still Touring, Recording, And Kicking...
  • Willie Nelson, 87. WillieNelsonVEVO. ...
  • Dionne Warwick, 80. DionneWarwickVEVO. ...
  • Tony Bennett, 94. tonybennettVEVO. ...
  • Paul McCartney, 78. PaulMcCartneyVEVO. ...
  • Ringo Starr, 80. RingoStarrVEVO. ...
  • Yoko Ono, 87. Yoko Ono. ...
  • Buddy Guy, 84. AustinCityLimitsTV. ...
  • Loretta Lynn, 88.
Jan 19, 2021

What rock star fell off the stage? ›

The video shows the singer kneel on stage to highlight a member of his band. When he stands up, he lost his balance and fell backward off the stage. McGraw landed on his feet, seemingly uninjured, and turned the fall into a chance to greet fans along the barrier with hugs and high-fives before returning to the stage.

Who was the biggest rock star of the 1950s? ›

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock & Roll

You can't talk about 1950s music without mentioning Elvis Presley. Although he's mostly known for his iconic electric guitar and rock and roll hits, Elvis Presley worked with many genres, including: Country music.

Who was the main vocalist in the Beatles? ›

The Beatles

Who has more hits Lennon or McCartney? ›

The most successful songwriters in terms of number one singles are John Lennon (1940-80) and Paul McCartney (b. 18 Jun 1942). McCartney is credited as the writer on 32 number one hits in the US to Lennons 26 (with 23 co-written), whereas Lennon authored 29 UK number ones to McCartney's 28 (25 co-written).

How many Beatles songs did George Harrison sing? ›

And on the 20th anniversary of George's passing, we've decided to celebrate every single one of his incredible 22 songs for The Beatles and rank them from worst (but still brilliant, of course), to the very best.

Did George Harrison sing lead on any Beatles songs? ›

Beatles for Sale (1964)

George Harrison sang lead - he was a huge fan of Perkins. It was his showcase song on early tours.

Who wrote more Lennon or McCartney? ›

All told, Lennon had a hand in composing 84.55 of the 209 songs recorded by the Beatles, and McCartney 73.65. George Harrison was a distant third, with 22.15 credits, and Ringo Starr fourth with 2.7.

Which 2 singers had a huge impact on The Beatles music? ›

Buddy Holly and The Crickets

Paul McCartney publicly admitted that the "first forty songs we wrote were Buddy Holly influenced."

Who wrote the best Beatles songs? ›

Lennon-McCartney is likely one of the most famous songwriting credits in music. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote lyrics and music for almost 200 songs and The Beatles have sold hundreds of millions of albums.

Who is the best selling solo Beatle? ›

Despite Harrison's accolade, Paul McCartney achieved the greatest chart success through the sheer quantity of music he has released. Macca was the most prolific Beatle whose solo career outlasted the other Beatles, especially both John Lennon and George Harrison, whose lives were taken from them far too early.

Who has more slaps than The Beatles? ›

Drake has “more slaps than the Beatles.” The Canadian rapper, who lives in Hidden Hills, California, has set a Billboard record by beating the Fab Five for the most top five hits.


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