Understanding What is a Logo and Why it is Important (2023)

Simply put, logos are the symbol that represents companies or groups. They can be the name in a fancy font, an icon, or both. Your company logo is just as important as your company name. People will learn to associate you with your logo. There are many professionals available to help craft a logo for you or you can create your logo. Check out our how much does a logo cost guide to help with your decision.

While it is common for logos to undergo updates throughout the years, they typically stay very close to the same design. This means that it is important for you to start with a good logo that you can keep and add to, rather than have to completely change away from.

Logos can be found all over the place. People are always excited to represent their companies and they do so in several ways. You can put your logo on shirts, business cards, flyers, billboards, and much more. It will be front and center on the sign into your building and on the top of your webpage. It is the very first thing that your patrons will see and therefore, the first impression of your company.

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Logo Icon

When learning about what is a logo, you will discover icons. Icons are the images that are sometimes included in logos. Some companies choose to almost always only have an icon to represent them. Examples of this are Apple, the Olympics, and Superman. Other companies have their icon presented with their name most of the time. Examples of this are Domino's, Adidas, and Red Bull.

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When you design a logo, one of the hardest parts can be coming up with an icon. A lot of companies base their icon on their names such as Apple and Red Bull. This is not required. Some logo icons have nothing to do with the company's name such as with Starbucks and Nike. The main idea when coming up with your icon is that it needs to help your audience identify with your company and it needs to make your company memorable to your audience.

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Logo Font

Discovering what is a logo will help you see how important your logo font is. A lot of companies do not make use of a logo icon and instead represent their company with only their logo font. They are hardly at a disadvantage, however, because they choose great font types that represent and send a message about their company. Examples of these types of companies are Kellogg's, Google, and FedEx.

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When you make your company logo design, you can choose to just use a logo font to represent you. Make sure to do some research into the different types of fonts that you can use. The four main font types are serif, sans serif, script, and decorative. Each of them has many font options to choose from to help represent your logo in different ways.

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Overall Design

As you consider what is a logo and how to make a logo, keep in mind the overall design of your logo. You want the icon and the font to work together well. Your audience needs to know that they represent the same things and are united. Using similar shapes and colors as well as an aesthetically pleasing feel can be really helpful. Some companies that do a good job of this are McDonald's, Baskin Robbins, and Walt Disney.

Other Things to Consider for Your Logo

Knowing the basics of what is a logo is important, but there are a few other elements to consider. Logo taglines and colors can help bring your icons and fonts together. Using taglines is not as common but most companies will utilize at least one color in their design, if not more. The most important thing to remember is that your logo needs to represent your company well and be a cohesive unit.

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Logo Taglines

Some logos incorporate taglines. These are small pieces of text that say something in addition to the name of the company. These are not required but can be helpful if done well. One thing to pay attention to is that you must be careful that the tagline doesn't take the attention away from anything else in your logo. Some good examples are Apple's 'Think Different,' Nike's 'Just Do It,' and Allstate's 'You're in good hands.'

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Logo Colors

When you create a logo, the colors that you choose are very important. Colors represent different things and therefore, can have a large impact on the viewer. You want to make sure that you choose colors that work well with the message that you want to send to your audience from the very beginning. Warmer colors such as yellow and red will send a different message than cooler colors such as green and blue. Looking into the color psychology of your color choices isn't a bad idea.

Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with colors is how well they work together. Some colors pair better together than others. Making sure that your primary and secondary colors go well together could be the key to your success. At the very least, you want to make sure that your color combination doesn't drive away business.

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Make Your Logo

Now that you know what is a logo, you can make a logo for your company. While it can be scary to make a logo, it doesn't have to be. Our custom logo maker GraphicSprings is a great easy-to-use platform that takes zero prior knowledge of graphic design. We are affordable and determined to help you reach your logo-making goals. While other programs require a lot of learning or expensive books and classes, our platform is different. We are the easy alternative that can help you through your logo-making process.

In just three easy steps, you can create logos that make your company proud. First, enter the name of your company or group. The next step is to choose from our large library of icon images. You can either use our search tool to find something specific, or you can go through our many categories to find what you are looking for. We have many options for every type of company. Once you choose an icon, you can move on to the final step.

The last step of our process is to edit your logo together. Our program allows you to change the colors, shapes, sizes, orientations, fonts, and much more of your logo. This is the part where you can show off your creative graphic design skills. As soon as you are happy with the logo design, you are done.

Now that your design is complete, you can choose from our many package options based on your needs and your financial situation. Our large range of packages allows you to get what you need at an affordable price. The basic packages come with your logo images. Larger packages have things like social media covers, vector files, stationery designs, editing capabilities, and much more.

If you are having trouble creating your logo through our platform, you can always hire one of our creatives to help design your logo for you. Overall, you can have your very own logo in a very short amount of time, at a very affordable rate when you work with us. Try out our business logo maker, GraphicSprings, today.

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What is a logo and why is it important? ›

Logos are a point of identification; they're the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, you'll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.

What is a logo Short answer? ›

Logos serve to represent a given organization or company through a visual image that can be easily understood and recognized. A logo generally involves symbols, stylized text or both. Logos are often created by a graphic artist in consultation with a company and marketing experts.

What are 3 things about a logo that are important? ›

So, your logo needs to clearly communicate who you are and what you do in an instant. From concept to roll-out, there's much to consider when boiling your brand to a single mark. However, a great small business logo only needs three things: great typography, simple colors, and a strong visual element.

What is the best definition for a logo? ›

noun, plural lo·gos. Also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

Why is logos the most important? ›

Why is logos important? Essentially, logical arguments that make sense are not easily dismissed. Be logical: Ensure that your arguments make sense and that your claims and evidence are not implausible.

What is the most important part of a logo? ›

The first element that needs attention in logo design is the accuracy of brand messaging. This requires that the designer take the logo as a whole, after considering each individual element and weigh it against the personality of the brand to ensure that it is a good representation of the company behind the name.

What is logos explain and give 2 examples? ›

Logos is when we use cold arguments – like data, statistics, or common sense – to convince people of something, rather than trying to appeal to an audience's emotions. Here's an example of logos in action from our man Aristotle himself: All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

Why is it important to have a simple logo? ›

Simple Logo design is more memorable. People are more likely to trust something they're familiar with, so they need to be able to recall your logo easily. An intricately designed logo may look impressive initially but it's going to be harder for a consumer to familiarise themselves with it.

What are the values of a logo? ›

The logo is the prime identifier for all brands. Its purpose is to reflect the core idea of the organization. Your logo is important because the brand is important. Additionally, your logo is often the first thing that people see, and the first thing people will remember.

What are the 4 rules of a good logo? ›

5 Cardinal Rules of Logo Design
  • Your logo should reflect your company in a unique and honest way. ...
  • Avoid too much detail. ...
  • Your logo should work well in black and white (one-color printing). ...
  • Make sure your logo's scalable. ...
  • Your logo should be artistically balanced.
Feb 14, 2005

What is the full meaning logo? ›

The abbreviation LOGO stands for Language of graphics-oriented. The term LOGO is also a symbol that is used to recognize a public identification of a brand or company.

Does a logo really matter? ›

A well-designed logo can offer substantial benefits to brands. It can help pique the interest of consumers, differentiate brands from competitors, facilitate brand recognition, influence investors' decisions, and convey what a brand is all about.

What are the keys to a successful logo? ›

A good logo should:
  • Be eye catching.
  • Be timeless.
  • Be memorable.
  • Work well large or small.
  • Encompass your brand vibe.
Apr 9, 2019

What are the main components of a logo? ›

Logo brand, Style, Colours, and font are the four basic elements of logo design. It is a crucial part of the design process where you must put in a lot of thought and effort to come up with something unique and distinctive.

What are three examples of logos? ›

Also called “the logical appeal,” logos examples in advertisment include the citation of statistics, facts, data, charts, and graphs. In Aristotle's rhetorical triangle, ethos appeals to character, pathos appeals to emotion, and logos appeals to logic and reason.

What is logos in a sentence? ›

Logos is any statement, sentence, or argument that attempts to persuade using facts, and these facts need not be the result of long research. "The facts" of an argument can also be drawn from the speaker's own life or from the world at large, and presenting these examples to support one's view is also a form of logos.

What are 5 characteristics of a logo? ›

Five Characteristics of a Great Logo
  • Simple. Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. ...
  • Scalable. A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.
  • Memorable / Impactful. A great logo should be impactful. ...
  • Versatile. ...
  • Relevant.
Feb 25, 2014

What are the 5 important elements that make a good logo? ›

When graphic designers create compelling and memorable logos, these are the top 5 elements they keep in mind:
  • Simplicity. A logo design should not be overly complicated. ...
  • Visually Pleasing. It's a given that you want your logo design to look good. ...
  • Your Branding. ...
  • Versatility. ...
  • Psychology.
May 3, 2019

What are the 3 types of logo? ›

Now that we've covered the three main types of logos (wordmark, monogram, and combination mark), we'll talk about three less common types of logos.

What are the strengths of a logo? ›

An advantage of incorporating one such image in a logo is the sense of belonging that it evokes. Since the pictures literally spell out its subject and make the things look obvious, viewers can instantly find out what the business is all about. This is the main reason for most new business using stock images.


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