Need a Best Internet speed test? (2023)

Need a Best Internet speed test? (1)

12 May 2023

Here's the deal: we're living in a digital world that makes a fast internet speed a basic necessity to keep up with what's happening, never miss the latest TL tea, and be your most productive self - whether you're working from home or studying online. That said, you need to know that your internet speed is up to par. And, thankfully, that's not CIA top-secret information. It's easily accessible with Best Internet's speed test. So, if you're in need of speed, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we're giving you the low-down on high internet speeds and answering all your burning questions.We're here to help you learn what a good speed is, how you can ensure faster speeds, what kind of speed you’ll require for your net surfing needs, and which internet service providers are offering the fastest connection around.

Want to cut to the chase and test your speed right here and now? Test your connection speedhere.

Help! What is good internet speed?

So, what’s good internet speed? That entirely depends on you, your lifestyle, and your household requirements. First things first. You’ll have to conduct a WiFi speed test to measure your current speed. This will help you determine what speed connection you’re working with and give you insight into your upload and download speeds.

This is an important step because it could tell you whether or not your current internet plan isfast enough for your internet needs or that you may be paying for a fast connection but receiving a much slower speed. An internet speed test is the only way to get a more accurate reading of the actual internet speed you're receiving from your internet service provider (ISP).

Once you have an idea of the speeds you’re getting, you’ll be able to figure out if you have a good plan with sufficient internet speed for you, need to troubleshoot a slower-than-you-paid-for speed or get a new plan entirely.

WiFi speed test done? Amazing! Here’s what you should know about the speeds you’re reaching.

While a 10Mbps line is okay for a single person at home who doesn’t use their network connection all that much — a household of five+ people with heavy net needs will benefit from a line with a speed of 200Mpbs. Read on to see what kind of internet speeds will work for your household.

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Is 25Mbps good?

To break it down to basics, a line speed of 25 Mbps is the suggested minimum for content streaming in HD (High Definition) and 4K resolution.

With this kind of speed, you can stream almost anything you like and expect crisp images, clear video calls, and also minimal buffering. It’s your “good enough” type of speed for one person. Perfect for a single user.

If you like the company of a number of people and love being online, you’ll probably need a better line speed.

How about 50Mbps?

50Mbps is a good choice for a couple or two people with relatively standard and basic internet demands.

This connection will give you the ability to stream content, shop online, browse the web, scroll on social media for hours and answer emails and receive a response to your emails without too much trouble.

And 100Mbps?

Of course, more megabytes always means better internet, so it’s no surprise that 100Mbps should meet most connection demands.

If you have more than two people connected to your internet, 100Mbps+ is the way to go. And, if you’re working from home — you don’t want to be caught with a slower internet speed and take the risk of not being productive. Yes, this might cost a bit more, but we have a few providers who offer this kind of speed for great prices.

Is 200Mbps a great internet speed?

Yebo, yes!If your household has more than five people, a 200Mbps line will meet all your individual internet needs comfortably.

This speed is designed to allow you, and the people you’re living with, to email large files, stream seamlessly, conference call, shop online, and all the other fancy things an internet connection is supposed to let you do.

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While this may not have been the standard speed for households around the world previously, the increased demand for work-from-home-capable internet means many more users will call for more megabytes.

How do I fix slow internet speed test results?

If you’ve currently got an ISP deal that’s leaving you hanging, don’t worry. Aside from pickinga better deal, we’ve got a few tips to help you increase your internet connection speed.

1. Move your router

Routers are fussy little things. If your router is hiding in a closet, behind a wall, or on a bookshelf, this can have an effect on your connection. Be sure to put your router in an obstruction-free place, away from other devices, so your WiFi has the best chance of making its way to you.

2. Upgrade your router

Router technology doesn’t advance as quickly as internet technology and can become outdated quickly. Besides that, if you have a large household, you may want to spend a little more money on a router to ensure its signal is strong enough to reach all the devices in your home.

While some ISPs offer a free router — you can, and sometimes should, think of paying for a higher-quality router.

3. Use an Ethernet cable

If the slow connection is a serious problem, there’s a quick fix for that. While it may not be the most elegant solution, when you have to get connected quickly to upload a large file or send off an email, ethernet cables can be a literal lifeline.

4. Remove unused devices

Over time, you’ve probably connected a few devices to your WiFi. If your connection is letting you down, disconnect devices you don’t need. While you can manually turn off each device’s WiFi, advanced routers come with controls that allow you to give some devices higher priority than others. You can read more about how to do thathere.

5. Get a WiFi extender

If you don’t want to spend money on a brand-new router, you can get a WiFi extender for your home. This will plug into a socket in your home and push your signal further.

They’re usually easy to set up and may save you some cash if you’re considering buying a new router.

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6. Restart your router

It may seem like a stupid-simple fix — but restarting your router can theoretically assist to speed up your connection. This age-old reboot remedy could force your router to choose a different, better channel with less interference when it boots back up again, giving you faster internet.

Tried all the fixes, and still bugging? If you’ve done an internet speed test and realized you just require a faster line, you probably need to change your ISP.

Best Internet speed deals

Getting a fast internet connection that suits your needs is absolutely crucial. Good streaming, easy working, great entertainment, and glitch-free surfing are today’s necessities.

If you’re battling to get the connection you want, doing a quick and convenient internet speed test is one of the easiest ways to start improving your internet experience.To start testing and get a worry-free internet connection, see Best Internet’s speed test.

If you're looking for the best internet deals around, we can help plug you into those too! We work with leading internet service providers in Mzansi to bring you the best deals on fibre and LTE. Visit Best Internet today!

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Need a Best Internet speed test? ›

The internet offers several websites that provide free Wi-Fi speed tests. We recommend,, or CloudFlare. Each test should take 60 seconds or less, providing download and upload speeds. Conduct a few Wi-Fi tests for optimal results.

What is the most accurate internet speed test? ›

Best internet speed tests
  • Ookla. An all-around excellent speed test. Check availability. ...
  • Great for streamers. Check availability. ...
  • M-Lab Internet Speed Test. As easy as speed tests get. Check availability. ...
  • A solid test for consistency. Check availability. ...
  • A good pick for testing your browser.
Apr 19, 2023

How can I get a good internet speed test? ›

The internet offers several websites that provide free Wi-Fi speed tests. We recommend,, or CloudFlare. Each test should take 60 seconds or less, providing download and upload speeds. Conduct a few Wi-Fi tests for optimal results.

What is the best free network test? ›

Best speed test apps in 2023: Test your internet speed
  1. Meteor by OpenSignal. ...
  2. SpeedTest Master (iOS, Android) ...
  3. Speed Test WiFi Analyzer by analiti. ...
  4. Speedtest by Ookla (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) ...
  5. Fast by Netflix (iOS, Android) ...
  6. Network Speed Test by Microsoft (Windows)
Apr 24, 2023

What is a good internet speed for my home? ›

A good internet speed is anywhere between 25 and 100 Mbps. Speeds of 25 Mbps allow up to 2 devices to stream, surf the web and check emails. 50 to 100 Mbps allow a few more people to stream in HD or even 4K, stream music, game, browse social media, and work from home.

What should normal internet speed be? ›

The FCC says the best ISPs for two or more connected devices and moderate to heavy internet use should offer at least 12 megabits per second (Mbps) of download speed. For four or more devices, 25 Mbps is recommended.

Is Google internet speed test accurate? ›

Google Fiber Speedtest

Google is known for efficiency and simplicity so you can trust the Fiber Speedtest will perform. The test only takes up to 15 seconds and is extremely accurate. You'll receive information on upload speed, download, and ping data.

Is speed test by ookla reliable? ›

Pros and Cons of the Ookla Speed Test

There's a lot to like about the speed test, starting with the impressive consistency of results. Whether you're using the desktop version or one of their mobile apps, you can rely on this speed test to be accurate at all times.

Is there a free software to test internet speed? ›

Speedtest® for Windows

Download the free Speedtest desktop app for Windows to check your internet speeds at the touch of a button. Get a real-time check of your ISP's performance and detect trends over time with data on: Download speed. Upload speed.

What is the app to check internet speed? ›

Use Speedtest® for a quick, easy, one-tap connection internet speed test—accurate anywhere thanks to our global server network.

What internet speed do I need for Netflix? ›

What broadband speed do I need for Netflix?
Video resolutionRecommended internet speed
HD3 Mbps
Full HD5 Mbps
4K/UHD15 Mbps
Apr 25, 2023

Is 500 Mbps fast enough for Netflix? ›

An internet speed of 500 Mbps is ideal for large families with multiple connected devices who want to stream different movies or shows at FHD or 4K quality simultaneously. Is 500 Mbps fast enough for Netflix streams? Yes, streaming 4K content on Netflix on multiple devices is more than enough.

Is 200 Mbps fast enough for Netflix? ›

Now you might wonder, is 200 Mbps fast enough for Netflix? You need a bandwidth between 5-7 Mbps for Netflix HD videos. So, approximately 28-40 devices can share the 200 Mbps WiFi simultaneously. This speed is more than enough for a family or even small workplaces.

How to increase WiFi speed? ›

How to improve your internet speed
  1. Turn things off and on again. ...
  2. Move your router to a better location. ...
  3. Switch your Wi-Fi frequency band. ...
  4. Adjust your router's antennas. ...
  5. Extend your Wi-Fi network. ...
  6. Prune unnecessary connections. ...
  7. Change your Wi-Fi frequency channel. ...
  8. Upgrade to faster internet.
Feb 14, 2023

Why is my internet so slow but speed test is fast? ›

It might be because of an outdated router or a less-than-ideal router location. You might be able to solve slow speeds with an easy fix, like upgrading to a mesh network (which also has to be set up in the right spot) or simply restarting your modem and router.

What is the fastest WiFi speed? ›

The fastest broadband internet service usually comes with 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) download speeds or higher.

Do internet speed tests really work? ›

WiFi speed tests are generally accurate, but many factors can affect WiFi speed test results. Speed test results might vary depending on factors like where your mobile device is in relation to your router or mesh system and how many connected devices are actively using bandwidth.

Why is my internet slow? ›

Why is the internet so slow on my phone? A slow data connection on your phone is usually caused by a poor connection in your location, network congestion, or too many background apps running.

Why is my Ookla speed test so slow? ›

Check whether you're streaming or downloading anything that might be using bandwidth during the Speedtest, and then try testing again. If your Speedtest result still seems slow, try rebooting your device or your router, and ensure that your router does not have any Quality of Service (QOS) features turned on.

Why are my speed tests so different? ›

Speedtest is measuring your real-time network connection, so tests taken within a few minutes of each other might vary a little based on network congestion and available bandwidth. If your Speedtest results are significantly different, make sure that you're: Testing the same connection.

What's a good download speed? ›

While a good download can vary based on your use, these speeds will be enough to support average use for these households: Single or Small Household: 100-200 Mbps. Small to Medium Household: 200-400 Mbps. Large Household: 400 Mbps to 1 Gig.

How much does speedtest app cost? ›

Speedtest VPN Premium users benefit from unlimited data protection for only $4.99 USD a month. Premium subscribers also receive an ad-free Speedtest experience during their subscription.

How can I test my Wi-Fi for free? ›

Best Online Internet Speed Tests

When you type “websites to test my internet speed” into Google, you will get many results. Right at the top should be Speedtest by Ookla. This free web service provides free analysis of internet access performance metrics, and it was founded by Ookla in 2006.

What internet speed do I need for a smart TV? ›

If you want to stream 4K content to get the best picture on your smart TV, you'll need at least 25 Mbps to do so. Lower-resolution content is less demanding but even streaming 1080p HD video requires a 10 Mbps plan for smooth performance.

What is the minimum internet speed for streaming? ›

What is the Minimum Internet Speed for Streaming? For just one person on one device streaming a standard-definition (SD) show, you need a minimum of 3–10 Mbps. For HD videos in general, 10–18 Mbps is adequate for most streaming purposes. To stream in Ultra HD Video, you'll need 18–25 Mbps.

What internet speed do I need for Amazon Prime video? ›

Prime Video recommends a minimum download speed of 1MB/s for SD content and 5MB/s for HD content. Prime Video will serve the highest quality streaming experience possible based on the bandwidth speed available.

Do I need 1000 Mbps internet? ›

Generally, you need between 25-50 Mbps internet speed for one device to stream a 4K video. Therefore, with 1000 Mbps you can simultaneously stream between 20 to 40 4K videos, which is great for a small to medium family. So, if 9 or more people are living together, the 1000 Mbps will provide decent speeds for everyone.

How many hours of streaming is 500 Mbps? ›

A 500MB data plan will allow you to browse the internet for around 6 hours, to stream 100 songs or to watch 1 hour of standard-definition video.

How many devices can 500 Mbps support? ›

A download speed of 500Mbps allows you to stream ultra-HD video on 20 devices at the same time, or download a HD movie in 1 minute. If you're using a broadband internet connection with download speeds of 500Mbps, you can comfortably stream ultra-HD quality video on up to 20 devices at the same time.

Is 600 Mbps good for Netflix? ›

Consider Netflix, for example, it requires a bandwidth of 25 Mbps to stream HD content. With the 600 Mbps internet, you can have almost 24 Netflix streams back to back. So yeah, 600 Mbps is good for streaming.

What's considered a fast internet speed? ›

One generally accepted rule of thumb is that anything above 100 Mbps is considered “fast” internet because it can connect multiple devices at once.

Do I really need 300 Mbps? ›

For most households with three or four people living together, a 300 Mbps internet download is enough for the various uses ranging from online gaming, streaming, and general browsing.

How can I check my wireless signal strength for free? ›

In Windows, go to Network and Internet, and then Network and Sharing Center. Select the blue WiFi link to see the signal strength. On an Android phone or tablet. Look under Settings, WiFi, or Network, and search for a gear or WiFi icon next to the network you're connected to.

What is a good network test? ›

Depending on your connection type, a good speed test result is if the speeds are at least 50 to 200 Mbps within range of the top speed advertised for your service. Another important factor in understanding internet speed is that the speed your provider advertises is based on a wired connection.

How can I test my signal strength? ›

To do this, go to Settings > About phone > Status > Signal strength. This will display the network type, signal strength, and other information about your device's connectivity. The closer the number is to 0, the better the signal strength.

What is a good Wi-Fi strength? ›

Here is what the Wi-Fi signal strength values mean
Signal StrengthQuality to Expect
-50 dBmAnything down to this level can be regarded as excellent signal strength.
-60 dBmThis is still good, reliable signal strength.
-67 dBmThis is the minimum value for all services that require smooth and reliable data traffic.
4 more rows

Is it better to connect to 5GHz or 2.4 GHz? ›

If you want better range, use 2.4 GHz. If you need higher performance or speed, use the 5GHz band. The 5GHz band, which is the newer of the two, has the potential to cut through network clutter and interference to maximize network performance. Which means this band will be better for things like reducing game lag.

How do I test my Wi-Fi signal on my I phone? ›

Tap Settings > Wi-Fi, look for your network in the list and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.
Checking Your Wi-Fi on an iPhone or iPad
  1. Dark bars ( ) indicate a strong network connection.
  2. Lighter coloured bars ( ) indicate a weak connection.
  3. No bars ( ) indicates no signal.

Is there an app to test Wi-Fi signal around house? ›

iWifi is your ultimate network diagnostic tool, you can quickly test your internet speed, detect networked devices and view all kinds of network information, and there is also an analysis tool to visualize the nearby Wi-Fi signal.

How to increase Wi-Fi speed? ›

How to improve your internet speed
  1. Turn things off and on again. ...
  2. Move your router to a better location. ...
  3. Switch your Wi-Fi frequency band. ...
  4. Adjust your router's antennas. ...
  5. Extend your Wi-Fi network. ...
  6. Prune unnecessary connections. ...
  7. Change your Wi-Fi frequency channel. ...
  8. Upgrade to faster internet.
Feb 14, 2023

Why is my Wi-Fi so slow? ›

Proximity to the wireless access point or router, as well as physical obstructions, can affect the quality of your Internet connection. To improve your connection speed, move closer to the access point and make sure that there are no physical obstructions between the access point and your computer.

How do you fix bad signal strength? ›

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode or Reboot Your Phone. Phones get confused sometimes. ...
  2. Hold Your Phone a Different Way. ...
  3. Get a New SIM (or Clean Yours) ...
  4. Change Your G. ...
  5. Use Wi-Fi Instead of Cellular. ...
  6. Check Your Bands (and Maybe Get a New Phone) ...
  7. Buy a Cellular Booster.
Sep 20, 2022


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