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What are the benefits of Sustainable Water Bottles?

Circular Bottles represent the next generation of products; they’re lightweight, leakproof and feature our signature one-handed push-click lid. Both durable and robust with 360-degree drinking, they’re perfect for hydration on the go.

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What is my Reusable Water Bottle made from?

Reusable Water Bottles are made from 14 recycled single-use plastic bottles.

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What Percentage of recycled material is in my Eco Friendly Water Bottle?

Circular Bottles are made from an industry-leading 92% recycled plastic.

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How long will my Reusable Water Bottle last?

Our long-lasting Circular Bottles are designed for 10 years’ use.

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What can I do with my Eco Friendly Water Bottle once I replace it?

After 10 years’ use, Circular Bottles are 100% recyclable, either through kerbside recycling (check locally) or our industry-leading takeback promise. “

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What makes a water bottle sustainable? ›

The best water bottle material starts with being non-toxic, meaning, among other things, BPA-free sustainable water bottles. We prefer either borosilicate glass or eco-friendly metal water bottles made from food-grade stainless steel, which are safe, durable, and infinitely recyclable.

How can we make bottled water more sustainable? ›

To avoid the easy out of using plastic for packaging, the most sustainable bottled water will be packaged in a material that is easily reused and recycled, like aluminum.

How sustainable are reusable water bottles? ›

Overall, choosing a reusable water bottle is clearly better for the environment in countless ways. They use less oil, release less carbon dioxide, they won't pack landfills, and they're good for water in general. It's a no-brainer!

What is the most sustainable way to drink water? ›

The environmentally friendly water choice is a no-brainer: it's tap water. Drinking water from the tap is not only more eco-friendly than bottled water, it's also much, much cheaper.

What is the purpose of an eco bottle? ›

Each bottle is made from plant-based materials that would otherwise have become waste, and is made using renewable energy. By choosing to drink from the Eco-Bottle, you are making a daily conscious decision to reduce single-use plastic, minimise waste, and support sustainable manufacturing.

What is a sustainable bottle? ›

Stainless steel water bottles are the most sustainable and eco-friendly bottles you can buy, and they come with a list of benefits. Stainless steel water bottles don't have to be boring and ugly.

Are plastic bottles sustainable? ›

Environmental Sustainability. Plastics have a very good environmental profile. Only 4% of the world's oil production is used for plastics and much less energy is used to produce it compared to other materials. Plastics are durable yet lightweight and thus save weight in cars, aircraft, packaging and pipework.

Why are reusable water bottles sustainable? ›

A reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce, replaces all the plastics that you would have used and thereby reduces both your carbon footprint and helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams and other places that plastic waste ends up.

Why is sustainable water important? ›

It covers basic needs such as drinking and personal hygiene, and it is used for a wide variety of purposes such as food production, manufacturing goods and activities related to waste management, energy production and transport.

Can bottled water be sustainable? ›

Bottled water packaging, by design, has the smallest environmental impact of all beverage packaging types, as research shows that our container manufacturing processes use less water and energy than those that produce alternative packaging (such as cans, cartons and glass) and also produce less greenhouse gases (GHG) ...

What are the benefits of water bottle recycling? ›

In doing so, here are a few benefits of recycling water bottles.
  • Lower Amount of Waste. ...
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions. ...
  • Recycling Plastic Bottles Is Simple. ...
  • Lower Pollution Rates. ...
  • Saves on Energy. ...
  • Uses Less Resources. ...
  • Saves Money. ...
  • Maintains Sustainability of Resources.
Jan 4, 2018

What is an example of sustainable water use? ›

Sustainable water solutions: the basics

Examples include waterless toilets and waterless car washes, whose use helps to alleviate water stress and secure sustainable water supply.”

What are some eco tips to save water? ›

10 Eco-Friendly Water Tips to Help You Through Your Day
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth in the morning (and at night).
  • Limit your showers to 2-5 minutes. ...
  • Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge. ...
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables in a pan or tin rather than leaving the water running while you clean them off.
Mar 20, 2013

How can we make water sustainable at home? ›

Reducing water use
  1. take shorter showers and not leave taps running unnecessarily.
  2. only use the washing machine or dishwasher when they are full, or adjust your load settings for smaller loads.
  3. use eco cycles on machines where possible.
  4. scrape dishes before washing, instead of rinsing.

How does bottle affect the environment? ›

80 percent of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills. U.S. landfills are overflowing with more than 2 million tons of discarded water bottles. It takes up to 1,000 years for every single bottle of water to decompose. Each bottle leaks harmful chemicals into our environment along the way as it decomposes.

What do you need to make an ecosystem in a bottle? ›

This model has three basic components: soil, water, and plants. Once you've established the basic ecosystem, you'll find there are endless ways to experiment and learn from variations!

How do you make life in a bottle? ›

Gently sprinkle the grass seeds over the top of the soil. Scratch the surface lightly with a fork to place the grass seed just slightly under the soil, but not too deep. Sprinkle water into the bottle until the soil is very damp but not soaked. Let it sit for a while and watch the water permeate through the soil.

Is a metal water bottle sustainable? ›

Stainless-steel bottles are indeed more energy-intensive to produce but, unlike plastics, they're 100% recyclable and can be recycled many times. If placed in landfill sites, your eco-friendly stainless-steel bottle won't leach toxic chemicals into the earth.

What is sustainable water? ›

March 4, 2020. Sustainable water management means using water in a way that meets current, ecological, social, and economic needs without compromising the ability to meet those needs in the future.

Are water bottles safe for the environment? ›

The water bottling process releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Disposable water bottle waste washes into the ocean and kills 1.1 million marine creatures each year.

What is the most sustainable plastic? ›

Made from purely biological materials such as sugar, corn, and vegetable oil, bioplastics are an improvement on traditional petroleum-based plastics. Popular types such as PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates), PLA (polylactic acid), and acetate can perform as well as many traditional plastics.

What will replace plastic bottles? ›

Plastic Bottle Alternatives Will Help Immensely
  • Glass Bottles. Glass bottles offer a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. ...
  • Reusable Bottles. ...
  • Biodegradable Disposable Water Bottles. ...
  • Boxed water. ...
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles. ...
  • Refillable Water Bottles. ...
  • Paper Bottles. ...
  • Silicone Bottles.

How do reusable bottles help the environment? ›

Some of the benefits of using a reusable bottle include never being without a cold, clean drink of water at all times, reducing the amount of waste generated by plastic water bottle consumption, and cost.

How much waste does a reusable water bottle save? ›

Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S.! That means by using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually. Five trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide annually.

What is the purpose of sustainable? ›

Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. The United Nations defined sustainable development in the Brundtland Report as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are some sustainable solutions to our water challenges? ›

What is your top solution for the water crisis?
  • Education/Awareness.
  • New Conservation Technologies.
  • Recycle Wastewater.
  • Improve Irrigation and Agriculture Water Use.
  • Water Pricing.
  • Energy Efficient Desal Plants.
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Community Governance and Partnerships.

What are the three sustainable solutions? ›

Everyone knows that the 3 R's – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – are the cornerstone of reducing your impact on the environment both at home and in your business. They are an essential part of any corporate sustainability solution.

What are some water sustainability issues? ›

Some of the water supply sustainability challenges we face include: Climate change, which impacts water supply and delivery. Increasing population and demands on finite water resources. Ecosystem fragmentation and decline, which has put many species on threatened or endangered lists, requiring regulations to protect ...

Why is plastic sustainability important? ›

Eases the Demand on Fossil Fuel Consumption

Recycling plastics is the most sustainable option to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Since oil is a finite natural resource, recycling plastic and recovering as much raw material as is possible, the consumption of crude oil can be reduced significantly.

How can we reduce waste from plastic bottles? ›

  1. Avoid single-use plastics such as drinking straws. ...
  2. If you go shopping, remember to take a cloth bag. ...
  3. Recycle chewing gum... it's also make of plastic! ...
  4. Buy more bulk food and fewer packaged products. ...
  5. Replace plastic Tupperware for glass or steel containers.

How can we reduce reuse and recycle plastic bottles? ›

Avoid products that are wrapped in plastic, and seek more sustainable alternatives. Reuse plastic items as much as possible or take to a secondhand store where possible so they don't end up in landfill. Recycle correctly, and choose to buy recycled products to close the loop.

What is the sustainability of a plastic bottle? ›

PET bottles produce up to 77% fewer greenhouse gases during production compared to glass bottles. Even when both items are recycled at the same rate, only 60% of glass in a recycling bin can actually be recycled, compared to 90% of the PET that goes in the recycling bin.

How are plastic bottles sustainable? ›

Environmental Sustainability. Plastics have a very good environmental profile. Only 4% of the world's oil production is used for plastics and much less energy is used to produce it compared to other materials. Plastics are durable yet lightweight and thus save weight in cars, aircraft, packaging and pipework.

Are water bottles eco-friendly? ›

The entire life cycle of bottled water uses fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and causes pollution.


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