Consumer Insights 101 : 50 Consumer Insights Platform and Tools for 2021 (2023)

Most of the top business brands not fully equipped with efficient platforms that can elaborate the better ways by the integration of data. Marketers and organizations that are more focussed on customer interaction are driving more customer engagement. Moreover, they are offering a quality customer experience that helps in improving customer retention.

For this reason, most personalized customer interactions are playing a vital role in the present era of marketing. To make most of it, the consumer insights are essential, and to find a better picture of it; the customer concentric business brands are in the use of advanced tools or platforms. Here is the list of consumer insight platforms and tools.

Consumer Insight Platforms

Accenture Insights Platform:

It is a comprehensive suite of a software tool that is designed especially for solving the business issues and tailor all your business functions in an enlightening way.

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It can be used to get the codeless prototype analytics that includes user testing feedback and rich customer insights within minutes.


It tells the business clients what the customers are thinking about their brand and feel through the comprehensive analysis of the sensorial, behavioral, and emotional behavior of customers.

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Rakuten Insight:

This platform helps in surveying with local experts, local partner networks, and hires and manages the proprietary online panels. It ensures the clients to know whether they are hosting the surveys correctly or not.


It is one of the top business intelligence platforms where it offers the set of software tools, especially for analytics, visualization, dashboards containing Tableau creator, viewer, and explorer and for customer data collection.

Power BI:

It is a cloud-based analytics tool, data visualization, and dashboard tool that provides the data sets, interactive reports, trend identification, etc. from multiple data sources.

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It helps the clients to find the complaints, feedback, reviews, social posts, and surveys, etc. with the source of CX analytics.

Verint Systems:

Verint is an actionable intelligence tool to provide the client’s customer engagement optimization, identifying fraud, risk, compliance, and generating security intelligence that drives the most successful results of their business.


This platform enables the clients to access real-time social data and also aggregate, extract, and filter the audience insights from trending social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, etc.

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The businesses can provide better user experience to the customers by using this tool, and it can be used to gather the consumer data and can build a good customer profile.

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence:

The clients can establish the relevant, consistent, and the most personalized customer engagement accessing the developed customer behavioral segments and profiles.

Oracle Data Cloud:

It is a cloud-based software that provides services like platform as service, infrastructure as service and software as service that allows the brands to gain business agility.

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SAS Customer Intelligence:

We can launch the contextual and individualized customer communications that let your customers identify it as the relevant, valuable, and satisfying.


Every one like start-ups to enterprise B2C companies is enhancing customer engagement and improving the sales conversions by creating the loop of contextual and powerful feedback at their relevant consumers.

Vision Critical:

The clients can enjoy the cloud-based consumer intelligence service that helps to build customer engagement, offering the most secure communities to the customers, generating real-time customer feedback, etc.


It is one of the top trending Relationship analytics to leverage the business relationship network by building three main aspects like TrustView, LinksWithin, and TrustVault.


This can be used to gather real-time data and take action on it, understanding the fans, and serve more customers.

YouTube Analytics:

Demographics tab on YouTube allows you to find who are your audience, audience location, and the demographics of the audience who are watching your business video content.

Google Analytics:

By using this platform, you can track the website traffic along with the other website’s performance. Also, you can find the locations the visitors are arriving from, how long they are spending on your website, etc.

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Social Mention:

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The clients can find real-time analytics from social media channels by using this free tool. It helps to track the social media mentions that contain the top keywords, websites, and hashtags.

Facebook Audience Insights:

It helps to identify the audience demographics that include age, lifestyle, gender, job role and relationship status, etc. along with the number of likes, Facebook usage, and buying activity of the audience.


To identify, explore, and categorize the most influential influencers, this tool works better, and it measures the influence by using Twitter engagement.

Google Trends:

This requires no sign-in activity, and this allows you to find the most commonly searched words on the websites.

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This can be used to find the hulk of discussion forums list and to message the boards, especially for particular keywords.


This is the simplest search engine to measure the business brand sentiment and the presence of a business website.


It is one of the flexible software that provides detailed insights into the targeted audience, where it allows you to search the existing personality, brand, and object.

Consumer Barometer:

This can be used to identify and understand consumer internet behavior globally.


The clients can surf the number of reports just by typing the search term on the home page. Through this, one can understand the competition in the market.


This is one of the great tools that allow businesses to research the position of their business website and also the tough competitors’ website.

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Moody’s Analytics:

It helps to measure and manage the market risks through expert analysis and offers financial risk management and economic research etc.

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Open Web Analytics:

It is a free software web analytics tool that can be used in tracking and analyzing how the visitors are using your business website and applications you provide.

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Statcounter web analytics:

page view, StatCounter analyses the browser/operating system/screen resolution used and establish if the page view is from a mobile device. It also analyses the page view driven by a search engine.


Through this, the businesses can find the stats on how their website content is being treated by the audience in the form of answers and questions. This enables you to find new consumers. It also offers the stats that help you understand your follower’s interests.


It helps the businesses to find feedback, predictions, and ideas that contains the survey tools and discussion forums.


It enables the clients to make qualitative market research for coding, analyzing, and storing business brands.


It is the product feedback and analytics platform in analyzing the app usage and web analytics that contains customer behavior analytics etc.

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Relative Insight:

With the help of this tool, the businesses can launch comparative analysis by using Natural Language Processing and identifies the similarities, differences of word choices, grammar, and sentiment, etc.


It enables the users to find the range of website disabilities, engagement in the website design, QA of digital marketing products, and development.


It can be used to establish the online surveys that help in making market research, conduct a quick poll, launch the competitive analysis, and also conduct the customer feedback, etc.


It allows the users to create the polls and ask the people to pick the options like which one is better or more compelling.


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TypeForm offers categories like business forms, landing pages, quizzes, contests, tests, product feedbacks, surveys, and payment forms.


It helps to identify the targeted respondents in completing the surveys, which are hosted in fast and in client affordable way to launch the quality online surveys.


This helps in measuring the surveys based on demographics and customer behavioral data. It also can be used in automated data collection and provides the effectiveness of the ad in real-time.


It is the crowdsourced customer insight platform and also the website audit platform that engages the thousands of consumers virtually.


By using this NLP analytics platform, the clients can do online ethnographic research in identifying and understanding the trends and cultural contexts, especially in consumer online behavior.


It a chat-based service platform where the chatbot technology takes place to draw the audience insights from messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger, etc.


It reports insights from text, data, and media. Also, it offers the sharing tools to control and access the user controls and distributing stories.

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It can be used to conduct the surveys using chatbot technology where it makes the client’s work simple.


It helps the clients to access the research expert database, conduct automated surveys, and provides the reports.


It is the research tool that can be used to conduct the micro surveys automatically by delivering the single, multiple-choice, video, text, and images.

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Most of the businesses are in the lack of finding consumer behavior, and that drains the business performance in the market. The above-listed tools can be the way to find the most successful brand reputation by improving sales and increases ROI.


What is a consumer insights platform? ›

A consumer insight platform allows you to communicate with consumers to get a better understanding of their preferences and behaviors.

What are examples of customer insights? ›

5 key consumer insights examples that worked
  • Evive Nutrition used consumer insights to take the States by storm. ...
  • Organic valley uses consumer insights to find the right flavours. ...
  • Little Moons used consumer insights to identify their ideal customer base. ...
  • GoCardless used consumer profiling to get closer to customers.
Nov 2, 2021

How do you write key consumer insights? ›

Set the context for your consumer insight statement by describing the current situation and the incumbent consumer behavior. This part should capture both the environment and a simple observation of a given situation going on within it, while typically focusing on one of three things: time, space or motion.

What's the difference between customer insights and customer analytics? ›

In short, analytics are the mathematical data points related to what consumers do and how a business is performing. Insights are what humans glean from this mathematical data.

What is the difference between shopper and consumer insights? ›

While Consumer Insights teams help brand and marketing teams understand the consumers' emotions and drivers to choose a brand, Shopper Insights will bring recommendations to the sales team to ensure that this information is communicated in-store to drive shoppers to their brand.

What are the 6 techniques to gain customer insights? ›

How to Gather Customer Insights
  • Customer Feedback. Perhaps the easiest way to get customer insights is by simply asking them what they think. ...
  • Customer Sentiment. ...
  • Third-Party Data. ...
  • Situational Analysis of Anecdotal Experiences. ...
  • Passively Collected Behavioral Data. ...
  • Real-Time User Testing. ...
  • Predictive Models.
Apr 21, 2020

How do I become a customer insights analyst? ›

The basic academic qualifications needed to become a consumer insight analyst include a bachelor's degree in marketing or a similar area of study. You may also need some experience working in marketing, business management, and retail or customer analytics before starting work as an analyst.

How do you generate marketing insights? ›

How to Get Market Insights in 5 Steps
  1. Define your target market and relevant news feeds. ...
  2. Identify adjacent markets and sources of innovation. ...
  3. Define shared market insights. ...
  4. Track, share and evolve your growth strategy. ...
  5. Map out your market and your growth strategy.
May 25, 2021

What are the four types of insights? ›

Key takeaways: There are four main consumer insights research types: primary, secondary, quantitative, and qualitative research. Depending on your goal, you can mix any of those research types to get the data you need to improve your business.

How many types of insights are there? ›

Very useful classification and relationships between the different types of insights.

What makes a good customer insight? ›

It means a thorough understanding of your target customers, their behavior, preferences, needs, and expectations. You can get it by analyzing customer data to bring about a better understanding of your clients and create outstanding experiences throughout the whole customer journey.

What are the 5 keys to fully know customers? ›

Understanding the customer journey
  • 1) Building the business case. ...
  • 2) Identifying the channels. ...
  • 3) Acquiring the data. ...
  • 4) Joining the dots. ...
  • 5) Measuring effectiveness. ...
  • Non-existent. ...
  • Beginner. ...
  • Intermediate.
Mar 31, 2017

What are the 4 parts of a consumer profile? ›

A customer profile, or a consumer profile, is a detailed description of your current customers. In a customer profile, you'd identify purchasing behaviors, pain points, psychographic data, and demographic data with the intent of targeting similar customers in your sales and marketing campaigns.

How do I identify my key customers? ›

To identify who those customers are, you need to evaluate their value in seven key areas:
  1. Sales minus cost. Most companies rank customers' importance by the amount of sales they do with their company. ...
  2. Revenue timing. ...
  3. Referrals and buzz. ...
  4. Retention. ...
  5. Add-on products or services. ...
  6. The customer's brand. ...
  7. Feedback.
Sep 4, 2012

Which is the most powerful tool of consumer analysis? ›

One of the most famous customer analytics tools on our list is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used by over half of the website owners (55.6% of all the websites) and is a great way to find key customer data points for your website and app.

What are the four customer analytics data types? ›

4 Types Of Customer Data
  • Basic or Identity Data. As the name suggests basic or identity data is pretty meat-and-potatoes. ...
  • Engagement Data. Engagement data shows how your customers engage with your brand across the various touchpoints. ...
  • Behavioral Data. ...
  • Attitudinal Data.

How do I identify my target market? ›

How to identify your target market
  1. Analyze your offerings. Ask yourself what problems your products and services solve, and, in turn, to whom they appeal. ...
  2. Conduct market research. ...
  3. Create customer profiles and market segments. ...
  4. Assess the competition.
Apr 30, 2019

How do consumer insights work? ›

The basic academic qualifications needed to become a consumer insight analyst include a bachelor's degree in marketing or a similar area of study. You may also need some experience working in marketing, business management, and retail or customer analytics before starting work as an analyst.

What are consumer insights and why are they important? ›

Consumer – or customer – insights are “the understanding and interpretation of customer data, behaviors, and feedback into conclusions that can be used to improve product development and customer support,” according to TechTarget.

What is customer insight and why is it important? ›

Customer insights offer important information about the consumer market, product performance and purchasing behaviors. This information allows businesses to identify, predict and address the factors that influence their sales and profits.


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