Best broadband deals - Which? (2023)

With so broadband many deals to choose from, and a contract involving a long-term commitment, you’ll need to make sure you choose a provider that's reliable and best serves your needs.

If you're coming to the end of your broadband deal or are currently out of contract, it's a great time to make some significant savings. We've pulled out what we believe to be the best-value broadband deals in your area, whether you're looking for a broadband-only connection, or a phone and TV package included.

Find out more about the best and worst broadband providers, based on our in-depth customer survey.

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How to pick the best broadband deal

Below we highlight deals that are think represent good value for money, but there's more than price to consider when you're choosing a broadband provider.

Broadband providers take different approaches to inflation - a few guarantee your price will not rise during your contract, but most increase prices by an inflation measure plus 3-3.9% each year. Our broadband provider reviews explain each provider's approach.

You'll also need to weigh up factors like customer service, speed and reliability. We rate each of these, and attribute an overall customer score to each broadband provider, in our regular survey. Head to our guide to the best broadband providers to see how each fares.

Best broadband-only deals – from £18.99 per month

If you're only interested in a good broadband connection, why spend more on extras like landline rental and TV packages? Broadband-only deals are available at a wide range of speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1,000Mbps. We've picked those that we believe offer great value for the price, but you can read ourbroadband speed guide to learn more about the best connection for you.

Our pick: NOW Fab Fibre

This is an excellent deal, especially since you're only tied down to a contract for 12 months, so are free to shop around again after a year. Read our NOW Broadband review to see how it fares in our survey.

Other broadband-only deals to consider

Alternatively check the broadband-only deals below for more packages we think represent good value for money.

Best broadband and phone deals – from £21 per month

Broadband and phone packages are perfect if you have a landline and can often offer excellent value for money. However, it's important to look out for additional charges for weekend or evening calls. Check out the best deals we've found to see if it could be worth switching your broadband and phone.

Our pick: Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

If you are happy with being tied into a 24-month contract, this is a great deal. Read our Plusnet broadband review to see how it fares in our survey.

Other broadband and phone deals to consider

Alternatively check the broadband and phone deals below for more packages we think represent good value for money.

Best broadband, phone and TV deals – from £29.99 per month

Broadband, phone and TV deals are a great way to get quality entertainment for a good price. These deals offer broadband and landline rental with a range of additional entertainment to suit your interests. If you are looking for live sport, look out for deals with Sky Sports and BT Sport. Or if you are looking to watch the latest films and TV look out for deals including box sets and streaming services.

Our pick: Virgin Media Big Bundle

This deal will keep you entertained, with access to over 100 channels. It even includes ultrafast fibre broadband, with 264Mbps average speeds. Some consumers criticised aspects of Virgin Media's customer service. Read our Virgin Media TV and broadband review to find out more.

Other broadband, phone and TV deals to consider

Alternatively check the broadband, phone and TV deal below for more packages we think represent good value for money.

Mobile broadband deals

If you're struggling to get a reliable fixed broadband connection in the home, an 'over the air' alternative comes in the form of 4G and 5G mobile broadband. With a reliable 4G or 5G signal, you'll be able to use one of these devices to access the internet on all your home devices. Check our guide to understand more about how mobile broadband works.

Three 4G Hub

The Three 4G Hub offers an alternative to fixed broadband. Slower speeds may make it unsuitable for busier households, but it should manage web browsing and less intensive tasks.

Three 5G Hub

With 150Mbps average speeds, this is a very affordable alternative to ultrafast broadband, but is reliant on 5G coverage in your area.

Best regional broadband deals – from £19.99 per month

Other smaller broadband providers offer regional deals that can represent excellent value for money. While these providers aren't part of our regular satisfaction survey, you may want to consider the packages on offer if they are available where you live.

Truespeed 150 Fibre Broadband

Only available in parts of the South West.Truespeedis a small company that can offer ultrafast broadband through its own fibre network that connects directly to your home.

Trooli Full Fibre 300 Home

Only available in parts of Berkshire, East Sussex, Kent and Suffolk.Trooli is another smaller provider that offers offer ultrafast broadband straight to your home.

Community Fibre 150Mbps Fibre Broadband

Only available in parts of London.Full fibre broadband serving the capital, this is an impressive deal for ultrafast broadband.

4th Utility Remarkably Fast

Only available in small pockets across England.4th Utility is a smaller provider that offers a range of one month rolling contracts.

Fibrus Full Fibre 150Mb

Only available in Northern Ireland and Northern England.Fibrus aims to bring ultrafast speeds to rural areas with limited broadband infrastructure.

We asked almost 1,000 people who had switched broadband how they found it, and 77% agree the process was easy. Read how to switch your broadband provider to find out more.

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What else should I consider when buying broadband?

I rarely use my home phone (landline). Can I save money on a broadband-only deal?

Many broadband-only deals still require you to also have line rental with the provider or from elsewhere. Often, it is cheaper to buy both from the same place rather than sourcing line rental with another provider.

However, other plans (such as Vodafone’s Superfast plans) also come with no cost for line rental and a landline, using a pay-as-you-go model for calls by charging a price per minute. As long as you don't plan to use your home phone much, these plans may appeal to you as a way to save money by not paying for a landline you don't use.

Do I need unlimited broadband?

The question of whether to get a limited or unlimited package is far less important than it used to be.

Limited broadband packages would set a fair-usage policy or ‘cap’, which if exceeded may have resulted in additional charges, a slowed-down internet connection or no connection at all. The benefit of these limited deals is that they would usually be cheaper.

Most modern packages are unlimited, which means you don’t have to worry how much data you use. If you do encounter a limited data deal, think carefully about whether this will be enough to get you through the month, and check to see what happens if you exceed it.

Is unlimited broadband truly unlimited?

Fair-usage caps (a set amount of monthly data that if exceeded may result in you being charged) used to be fairly common, essentially turning ‘unlimited’ plans into limited plans with a high data cap.

Today, most providers offer a truly unlimited service, but some smaller providers do still have traffic management policies in place. These slow down certain kinds of internet activities that require a lot of bandwidth once you hit a preset limit.

For example, some providers slow down the speed of certain internet activities (such as peer-to-peer downloads) in order for other activities which are time-sensitive (such as online gaming and video calls) to not be interrupted.

It’s always worth checking whether any speed-limiting or traffic management takes place if you’re considering switching providers.

Are there any upfront or hidden costs?

Broadband plans often come with upfront costs, which can take various forms. Common examples include paying for a router to be delivered, set-up fees, connection charges and new line fees. You might also be expected to pay an upfront fee for a PVR (set-top box) if a TV package is included, which may or may not be optional. It is important to factor in these costs when deciding what broadband deal is right for you. Our reviews include an ‘effective cost’ for this reason.

You might also want to consider the telephone package. If you’re used to free evening and weekend or free anytime calls and want to keep these benefits, chances are you’ll be paying extra on top of the advertised fee on a new broadband package.

What contract length is right for me?

Contract lengths are also an important consideration. Some deals might seem cheaper on the surface, offering lower monthly prices. But long contract terms mean that you may end up paying more than you wanted to over that period of time. Conversely, some providers have price guarantees, and a longer contract can offer reassurance that this won’t go up until it expires.

Our deals include the total cost over contract and the effective cost per month.

If you're out of contract, find out how much you could save right now – browse the best broadband deals in your area.

Best broadband deals - Which? (3)

What if I’m still in a contract with my provider and want to switch?

If you’re still in a contract with your provider, you may have to pay off the remainder of your contract if you leave.

However, Ofcom rules state that if you experience price increases mid-contract, you have 30 days from when you are officially notified of the increase when you can switch without paying a penalty. Read more about your rights if a broadband provider increases prices.

In some circumstances, such as when you’re coming to the end of a contract and see a particularly good limited-time offer elsewhere, it might be worth paying off the contract. You might also consider this if the service you’re getting is poor, and you feel you might get a better service with a different provider.

But generally it’s a good idea to wait until your contract expires before you consider moving. It’s important to know exactly when this will be, since in many cases your monthly cost will rise when your contract expires, so you may be paying more than you need to.

In these situations you could switch, or haggle. In the latter case, information such as the deals we’ve listed above can be very useful, since rival prices are great ammunition to try and get a discount. Read our guide on how to haggle for the best broadband deal.

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