6 Famous Women Chefs In India You Must Know (2023)

6 women from the food and beverage industry who made Indians proud with their culinary achievements.

You may not have heard too many Indian women who made an enduring impression in the food and beverages industry. Sure, we have had our Ritu Dalmia and Madhur Jaffrey but do we commemorate their accomplishments enough? Women, whether as a restaurateur or as chefs, have not grabbed our attention as much. But take a look around, as they are leaving their impression. And while not famous, they are making India proud while at the same time contributing to the food and beverage industry. Here are six of those Indian women:

Chef Romy Gill

Chef Romy Gill is well-known in London for making everyone savour the flavours of India. Chef Romy Gill, who moved from Asansol (India) to London, started with a business of pickles and chutneys. And today she hosts several cooking classes in London, and her restaurants are pretty famous too. Chef Romy Gill has contributed a lot to popularize Indian food abroad.

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Chef Amrita Raichand

Chef Amrita Raichand started her career in modelling. Later she became an actress, hosted many TV shows, worked in Bollywood films, and is now a well-known Indian chef. Her cooking show Mummy Ka Magic was a super hit where she shared nutritional recipes for adults and children.

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Chef Madhu W. Krishnan

Chef Madhu W. Krishnan is a veteran in the Indian food industry. ITC Hotels Executive Chef Madhu is the first woman in India to be awarded the Hotelier India Award and National Tourism Award for Best Lady Chef of the Year by the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations.

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria fulfiled her dream of becoming a MasterChef by putting 16 years of a teaching career at stake. She is now a famous chef and has hosted TV shows like Kifayati Kitchen, Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka, Rasoi se- Pankaj Bhadouria ke Saath and 3 Course with Pankaj.

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Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey is the Godmother of Indian cuisine, and her book 'An Invitation to Indian Cooking' is one of the bestselling cookery books. Madhur is known for bringing Indian food to the western territory with her cookbook.

Chef Ritu Dalmia

Chef Ritu Dalmia is an Indian celebrity chef and an expert in Italian cooking. She is co-owner of "Cafe Diva" and "Latitude 28", famous Italian restaurants in Delhi.

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