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You’re playing guitar on stage, you’ve stood on your cable and it’s completely come out of your guitar. We’ve all been there.

Obviously, you can loop the cable around your guitar strap, but wouldn’t it be much better if your setup was wireless?

This would allow you to feel free when playing, and it cleans up the stage or rehearsal room so there’s less chance of you getting tangled up or tripping over a cable.

Many guitarists worry about their tone and shy away from wireless systems for fear it will negatively affect their sound. However, this is not the case at all.

Wireless technology has come a long way in the past decade, and brands like Shure, Sennheiser, and Boss have come up with excellent solutions. They’ve designed wireless systems with the perfect guitar tone in mind.

Digital systems can output uncompressed audio which is almost perfect. Analogue systems, on the other hand, have to process the signal a little before outputting, which can colour the guitar tone slightly (although, higher-quality analogue systems are less likely to do this).

Using a low-quality cable directly into an amp can also affect your tone. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to try out a couple to see what you like most.

There are lots of amazing wireless guitar systems to choose from, and we’ve put together a list of the very best, so you can easily invest in the right system for you.

1. Shure GLX-D16+ Wireless System

6 Best Wireless Guitar Systems 2023 | Gear4music (1)This is the newest guitar wireless system from Shure. The GLX-D16+ uses dual-band frequencies, and it’s one of the first wireless systems to offer this.

The use ofdual-band frequencies makes the GLX-D16+ one of the most reliable systems out there. It means the system can use both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz at the same time, giving the system more space to work in.

GLX-D16+ will scan the frequency spectrum and find the clearest channel possible, so you can focus on playing guitar. It will even hold a backup frequency and seamlessly switch to it if you run into any interference.

The great thing about 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz is that they’re license-free, meaning you can just turn up to any venue and start playing with no license and no worries.

Of course, the GLX-D16+ comes in pedal form, making it easy for guitarists to integrate into a pedal board setup.

There’s also a built-in tuner and an input for a cable if you want to plug it in.

All Shure GLX-D+ systems send out uncompressed audio for the best guitar tone possible. And they easily work together, so if the other guitarist or bassist in your band needs a wireless system too, this is the perfect system. You can use up to eight of the GLX-D16+ systems together at once.

If a pedal system is not what you’re looking for, try the rack or tabletop version. These are perfect for someone who might use IEM systems and want to keep their gear all in one rack.

Features of the Shure GLX-D16+

  • Easily adds to your existing pedalboard
  • Dual-band frequencies
  • Uncompressed audio
  • Approx. 12 hours of battery life
  • Built-in guitar tuner
  • 1/4” jack input and output
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • License-free

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2. Boss WL20 Compact Wireless Guitar System

If you’re looking for something small and compact, the Boss WL20 Guitar System is perfect.

The Boss WL20 uses the same wireless technology featured in the Katana Air headphones, so you know the audio quality is going to be amazing. It’s also very easy to set up as it automatically finds the best channel for you to use.

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Better still, you’ll feel like you’ve plugged the system directly into the amp thanks to its low latency of 2.3ms. This means you’ll hear the note almost instantly when the string is hit.

The Boss WL20 has built-in cable tone simulation, which works best when using guitars with passive pickups. It reproduces the natural sound that you’d get if you were using a 10ft cable in the amp by rolling off some treble frequencies. This gives you a slightly warmer sound.

You can get up to 12 hours of playtime out of a single charge, and the system can be easily recharged with a micro-USB cable. Plus, if you’re in a band with multiple guitarists, you can use up to 14 systems at once… wow, a band with 14 guitarists, imagine that!

Features of the Boss WL20

  • Easy to set up
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Rechargeable unit
  • Cable tone simulation.
  • 2.3ms latency
  • License-free

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3. Xvive Wireless Guitar System

6 Best Wireless Guitar Systems 2023 | Gear4music (3)The Xvive Wireless Guitar System is as easy as plugging one end into your guitar and one end into the amp – you’re then free from all cables and ready to perform.

This system provides great audio quality with a full frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, so your guitar will sound as though you’re plugged in with a cable. Xvive have given you a natural guitar-playing feel with a super low latency of 5ms.

The Xvive unit can easily connect to all kinds of guitars thanks to its rotating jack – use it for your Stratocaster, your Les Paul, or any other guitar you own! It’s also easily rechargeable, via a USB connection which can provide up to five hours of use.

The units are made from robust plastic, giving them the ruggedness and durability they need for life on the road. There’s no need to worry about damaging them if you throw them into your bag with the rest of your gear.

Features of the Xvive Wireless Guitar System

  • Compact unit
  • Five hours of battery life
  • Rechargeable unit
  • Full frequency response
  • High-quality audio
  • License-free

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4. Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard Set

The Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard Set will easily fit into your current pedalboard setup with its pedal-like design and built-in tuner.

Just like the other units on this list, the XSW-D Pedalboard Set uses 2.4 GHz frequency to send digital audio, keeping your guitar tone sounding pristine. The transmitter can be plugged directly into the guitar, or there’s an extension cable and belt holder for employing the system like a body pack. This gives you the flexibility to use the system how you want.

The Sennheiser XSW-D is incredibly easy to use. Just turn it on and pair the transmitter to the receiver, and the system will do its job, finding the best channel that lets you perform freely on stage with no dropouts.

The pedal receiver offers the option of a jack or XLR output for your audio. So, if you want to use the wireless system with your acoustic guitar, the sound engineer can easily take a DI from the pedal using the XLR output.

Better still, this system gives you total control over your signal, allowing you to mute the guitar via the pedal itself or the transmitter which has a ‘mute’ button. It’s a high-quality wireless system with an impressive performance – perfect for the gigging guitarist

Features of the Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard Set

  • Easily adds to your existing pedalboard
  • Rechargeable unit
  • Additional accessories for easy use
  • Five hours of battery life
  • Built-in tuner
  • XLR and jack outputs
  • License-free

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5. SubZero Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System

6 Best Wireless Guitar Systems 2023 | Gear4music (5)The SubZero Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System is a compact unit that can slot right onto your existing pedal board with no problems. It’s all thanks to an audio output that allows you to add the system to your effect chain.

Similar to the other systems we’ve looked at so far, the Subzero Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal has a built-in tuner and a cable tone function. This function adds a bit more warmth to your guitar tone, giving you the best, most natural tone possible.

The transmitter can be easily charged when placed onto the receiver unit and lasts for up to five hours of consistent use. What’s more, the pedal unit can even power other pedals on your board as it has a built-in battery system.

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Most of the systems we’ve spoken about so far have used 2.4 GHz frequencies. However, this system operates in 5.8 GHz, which is great because not many devices use this frequency just yet. Basically, SubZero have created a very reliable system which is totally license-free.

Features of the SubZero Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System

  • Easily adds to your existing pedalboard
  • A rechargeable, self-charging unit
  • Five hours of battery life
  • Built-in tuner
  • Power other pedals on your board
  • 5.8 GHz frequency
  • License-free

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6. Shure BLX14-K3E Wireless Guitar System

Shure’s BLX-14 Wireless Guitar System is an analogue system.

The difference between analogue and digital systems is mainly to do with how the signal is carried through the air from the transmitter to the receiver. Analog systems like the BLX14 have to compress the audio to be able to send It to the receiver, the receiver then unpacks it and gives you the audio, this is calledcompanding.

These systems have no latency at all, so it feels just like it would if you plugged into the amp with a cable. Plus, the audio quality of an analogue unit is the same as a digital system, so you can be sure that your tone will sound perfect.

The Shure BLX-14 Wireless System has one-touch QuickScan, which automatically finds the best frequency for clear and crisp audio. Shure BLX systems can run up to 14 hours of battery life with two AA batteries.

It’s the perfect first-time wireless guitar system for any guitarist.

Features of the Shure BLX14-K3E Wireless Guitar System

  • Easy setup via one-touch QuickScan
  • No latency
  • 14 hours of battery life using two AA batteries
  • Rugged and robust units
  • Compatible with up to 12 other BLX systems

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6 Best Wireless Guitar Systems 2023 | Gear4music (6)

Find out more

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what wireless guitar systems are out there. The one you pick all depends on what kind of unit you’re after and which specific features you need.

If you want a pedal system, a small compact system, or a rack unit, there’s something for you.

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