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2023 KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days

Considered the hardest-hitting missile in the KTM dual-sport arsenal, the KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS represents everything we love about big single-cylinder 4-strokes - torque, acceleration, and uncontestable power. Wrapped in all-new France Six Days Enduro (ISDE) edition colors, and featuring an extended list of top-of-the-line components, the KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS brings the firepower.


Features may include:


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  • Engine

Combining compact dimensions with immense power output, this 510 cc fuel-injected SOHC powerplant is the most powerful and refined on the market. Its class-leading power delivery is available throughout the entire rev range and with its low weight of only 29.2 kilograms (64.3 lbs), is also the lightest half-liter engine out there.

  • Cylinder Head

The KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS engine is fitted with a compact SOHC cylinder head for optimal mass centralization. The head configuration promises efficient power delivery and unrivaled performance. A single overhead camshaft also ensures optimal gas flow, with low-friction rocker arms and timing chain guides guarantee consistent performance throughout the rpm range.

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  • Frame

All KTM SIX DAY models feature high-tech, lightweight Chromoly steel frames with race-derived geometry, optimal stiffness, and unparalleled feedback for the rider. This translates into a playful handling character, with remarkable stability at speed - not to mention FACTORY RACING style thanks to the striking orange coating. The subframe is made of extra-light and ultra-stable aluminum profiles, weighing less than 2 pounds and providing rear fender stability and durability in the event of a loop out.

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  • Swingarm

The KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS features a one-piece aluminum swingarm, which is manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process. This results in exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight and the perfect flex behavior.


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  • Handlebar

All KTM SIX DAYS models are equipped with adjustable, high-strength aluminum tapered handlebars, that can be mounted in four different positions. Standard with ODI vulcanized grip on the right side and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip on the left, your only worry is hanging on, and letting rip.

  • Seat

It goes without saying that six days spent in the saddle require a certain level of comfort. For that reason, the KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS features a softer, grippier seat, finished in a blue and red color combination.

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