150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (2022)

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (1)

When it comes to baby names, flower names for girls are unique and sweet picks. They can also be whimsical, fresh and fun, too—especially if there's a flower that holds particularly special meaning to you and your family.

Flower names for baby girls started becoming popular in the 18th century. Today, celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Jude Law continue this baby naming tradition with their own children—and it looks like it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

To help welcome your little flower bud, we’ve compiled a list of the top flower names for girls, because there’s nothing like naming your new addition after one of the most beautiful things in nature. Take a peek, choose your favorite, and get ready to welcome your flower-named baby girl.

150 Flower Names for Girls

1. Abelia

This flower name can be used as an alternative for the name Abigail.

2. Acacia

In Greek, this name means “thorny.”

3. Ambretta

This name takes after an evergreen that blooms yellow flowers.

4. Amaryllis

Amaryllis is in the same family as the popular lily flower.

5. Azalea

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (2)

This flower name has English origins and means “a flower.”

6. Arbor

This name is related to flowering trees like juniper and hazel.

7. Begonia

In French, this name means “Begon’s flower.”

8. Belladonna

Even though its name translates to “beautiful lady,” a belladonna is a poisonous flower that is also known as nightshade.

9. Bellerose

In English and French, this name means “beautiful rose.”

10. Blanchefleur

This flower name for girls has French roots and means “white flower.”

11. Blossom

Blossom has English origins and it means “to bloom.” It's also the name of the spunky leader of the hit animated series, The Powerpuff Girls.

12. Bryony

With Latin roots, this name means “to sprout.”

13. Bloom

This flowery name is also the name of the main character of the television series Winx Club.

14. Bluebell

With deep purple and blue hues, this flower symbolizes gratitude and humility.

15. Briar

With English origins, this name means “a thorny patch.”

16. Buttercup

This flower name comes from the yellow wildflower.

17. Camellia

In Czech, this name means “Kamel’s flower.”

18. Chrysanthe

Chrysanthe comes from the Greek islands and means “golden flower.”

19. Cinnamon

This name comes from the sweet reddish-brown spice.

20. Calla

Calla comes from Greek roots, is a type of lily, and means “beautiful.”

21. Calytrix

With Latin origins, this name means “starflower.”

22. Chamomile

This name is inspired by the relaxing flowering herb that is commonly found in teas.

23. Chrisoula

This name is the feminine of the Greek male name Chrystanthos.

24. Clematis

In Greek, this name means “vine branch.”

25. Canna

This name comes from the canna lily, a tropical plant with large leaves and sensational flowers.

26. Celandine

This English botanical name comes from a small yellow flower that belongs in the poppy family.

27. Crisanta

This is the Spanish word for “chrysanthemum.”

28. Cliantha

With Greek roots, this flower name means “glory flower.”

29. Daffodil

This name comes from the springtime yellow flower.

30. Dahlia

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This flower name means “Dahl’s flower.”

31. Daisy

With English origins, this name means “day’s eye.”

32. Danica

In Slavic, this flowery exotic name means “morning star.”

33. Delphine

This French name comes from the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower.

34. Diantha

In Greek, this name means “divine flower.”

35. Edelweiss

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (3)

This German name comes from a small white mountain flower used in herbal remedies.

36. Elestren

This name is the Cornish word for iris flower.

37. Embelia

Embelia comes from a cluster of tropical shrubs that sprout white and pink flowers.

38. Evanthe

In Greek, this flower name means “fair flower.”

39. Erica

This name comes from the winter-flowering heather.

40. Eliza

The name of the charming flower seller in My Fair Lady.

41. Fern

This flower name comes from the feathery-fronded plant that enjoys the shade.

42. Flora

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

43. Freesia

This German name comes from colorful, fragrant trumpet-like freesia flowers.

44. Fuchsia

This flower name comes from the red and purple blooms.

45. Forsythia

With Scottish roots, this yellow spring flower is named after botanist William Forsyth.

46. Fleur

In French, this name means “flower.”

47. Foxglove

This flower name comes from the tubular-shaped blooms that come in purple, pink, yellow, and red.

48. Florentina

With Latin roots, this name means “blooming.”

49. Floortje

This Dutch name means “little flower.”

50. Fioralba

Fioralba has Italian origins and means “flower of the dawn.”

51. Fflur

This name comes after the Welsh word for flower.

52. Gardenia

Gardenia means “garden’s flower” and has English origins.

53. Garland

Not only is this flower's name fragrant and celebratory, but it also has ties to the iconic actress Judy Garland who starred in The Wizard of Oz.

54. Geranium

This flower name means “crane” and has Greek roots.

55. Giacinta

This name comes from the Italian name for the hyacinth flower.

56. Hana

This girls' name has Hebrew, Slavic, Czech origins and means “flower” or “blossom.”

57. Heather

Heather is a flower name for girls and has English roots.

58. Hazel

This name is a perfect botanical name for parents looking for a girls' name that isn't too flowery.

59. Holly

This name comes from the shrub with dark green leaves and red berries, and is popular name for Christmas babies.

60. Heliotrope

Heliotrope is a flower name for girls inspired by a cluster of purple blooms.

61. Hyacinth

In Greek, this girl’s name means “blue larkspur” or “precious stone.”

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62. Hibiscus

This girls' name comes from the tropical flower in the mallow family.

63. Ilima

The name of the official flower of Oahu, Hawaii.

64. Ione

This flower name means “a violet-colored stone.”

65. Iolanthe

In Greek, this name means “violet.”

66. Iris

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (4)

Not only does this girls' name come from the purple-blue flower, it also means “rainbow” in Greek.

67. Irit

In Hebrew, this name means “asphodel flower.”

68. Ivy

In the language of flowers, ivy symbolizes faithfulness.

69. Ixora

Important in Hindu worship, this name comes from the flowering plant that grows year-round in tropical climates.

70. Jacinta

This name comes from the Portuguese word for the hyacinth flower.

71. Jasmine

This popular girls' name was inspired by the small white flower that is known for its deep, complex aroma.

72. Jessamine

This name comes from the Persian word for jasmine flower.

73. Jonquil

In Latin, this girls' name means “reed.”

74. Kalina

Kalina has Polish and Bulgarian roots, and means “viburnum,” which is a flowering shrub.

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75. Kalei

This Hawaiian girls' name comes from the state's iconic flower wreath.

76. Kantuta

This flower name for girls is the Quechua name for Bolivia and Peru’s national flower.

77. Kassia

This name comes from the plant that produces a cinnamon-like spice.

78. Kassiani

In Greek, this name means “cinnamon.”

79. Leilani

With Hawaiian origins, this girls' name means “a heavenly flower.”

80. Lavender

This name is inspired by the small, clean-smelling blooms known to promote sleep and relaxation.

81. Lillian

This name means “a flower.”

82. Linnea

In Swedish, this name means “twinflower.”

83. Liana

Liana has French origins and means “to climb like a vine.”

84. Lilac

The flower that this girls' name stems from symbolizes first love.

85. Liliosa

In Spanish, this name means “lily.”

86. Lita

This flower name for girls means “garden.”

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87. Lotus

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, grace, and spiritual growth.

88. Magnolia

In Latin, this name means “Magnol’s flower.”

89. Madelief

This Dutch name means “daisy.”

90. Manuka

The manuka tree is famous for its honey-producing flowers.

91. Marguerite

In French, this girls' name means “daisy.”

92. Marigold

With English origins, this name means “golden flower.”

93. Mawar

With Indonesian roots, this girls' name means “rose.”

94. Millaray

The name Millaray means “golden flower,” and has Chilean origins.

95. Myrtle

Ruled by the Greek goddess Venus, this girls' name comes from a plant with pink or white aromatic berries and is associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.

96. Muguet

In French, this name means “lily.”

97. Nanala

Nanala is a Hawaiian name that means “sunflower.”

98. Narcissa

In Greek, this girls' name means “daffodil.”

99. Nasrin

This Persian flower name for girls means “wild rose.”

100. Neeja

With Hindi origins, this name means “lily.”

101. Orchid

The name Orchid has Greek roots and symbolizes love, beauty, and sophistication.

102. Ornella

In Italian, this name means “flowering ash tree.”

103. Orquida

This girls' name comes from the Portuguese word for “orchid.”

104. Pansy

A pansy symbolizes free thought.

105. Peony

In Latin, this flower name means “healing.”

106. Petunia

This girls' name is inspired by the trumpet-shaped flower.

107. Poppy

This name comes from the colorful flower that symbolizes love and remembrance.

108. Primrose

This English flower name means “first rose.”

109. Patchouli

This ultimate flower power name comes from the fragrant plant that grows in Southeast Asia.

110. Picotee

In French, this girls' name comes from the flowers that have a second color around the edges, like tulips or carnations.

111. Posy

Posy is of English origins and means “a bunch of flowers.”

112. Prunella

This Latin girl’s name means “small plum.”

113. Rosa

This flower name for girls has Spanish, Italian, Latin roots and means “rose.”

114. Rada

In Yiddish, this name means “rose” and “happy.”

115. Raisa

With Russian roots, this flower name means “rose” and “easygoing.”

116. Rayen

This Chilean name means “flower.”

117. Rhoda

In Greek, this name means “rose.”

118. Roisin

The meaning of Roisin is “little rose,” and has Irish origins.

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119. Rosanna

This name is simply a combination of Rose and Anna.

120. Rue

This girl’s name has Greek and English roots and means “herb.”

121. Rhoswen

In Welsh, this name means “white rose.”

122. Saffron

This exotic girls' name comes from the spice with a deep reddish-orange hue.

123. Shoshana

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (8)

With Hebrew origins, this name means “lily.”

124. Sharon

This name comes from an area of ancient Palestine where roses grew.

125. Sigal

In Hebrew, this name means “violet.”

126. Snapdragon

This flower name means “dragon’s mouth.”

127. Susannah

Susannah means “lily” in Hebrew.

128. Spruce

This name comes from the evergreen tree.

129. Soma

This Hungarian name comes from the flowering dogwood tree.

130. Tansy

This flower name has Greek origins and means “immortality.”

131. Thallo

In Greek, this name means “bringer of blossoms.”

132. Thistle

This name comes from Scotland’s national flower.

133. Tulip

This flower name for girls has Turkish roots and means “turban.”

134. Varda

In Hebrew, this name means “rose” or “pink.”

135. Verbena

With Spanish and Latin roots, this name means “sacred foliage.”

136. Vered

This flower name for girls means “rose” in Hebrew.

137. Veronica

The name Veronica is also the name of an herb with small and bright blue flowers.

138. Viola

In Latin, this name means “violet.”

139. Violet

With Latin origins, this girls' name means “purple.”

140. Wildflower

According to the language of flowers, wildflowers symbolize happiness.

141. Winika

This Maori name means “Christmas orchid.”

142. Wisteria

A symbol of devotion, this flower name means “Wister's flower.”

143. Willow

With German roots, this botanical name means “resolute” or “peaceful.”

144. Yasmin

150 of the Sweetest Baby Girl Names Inspired by Pretty Flowers and Blossoms (9)

Yasmin is a Persian name that means “jasmine flower.”

145. Yolanda

In Greek, this name means “violet flower.”

146. Zahara

With Swahili origins, this girl’s name means “flowering.”

147. Zainab

Zainab is an Arabic girls' name inspired by a flowering tree.

148. Zaria

In Arabic, this flower name for girls means “rose.”

149. Zinnia

This German and Latin name means “Zinn’s flower.”

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150. Zenobia

This flower name comes from the bell-shaped white flowers that grow on the hillsides of North America.

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What girl name means blossom? ›

Names That Mean Blossom
  • Zara. Origin: Hebrew and Arabic. Meaning: ...
  • Hana. Origin: Hebrew, Hawaiian, Maori, Japanese. Meaning: ...
  • Sakura. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: ...
  • Mai. Origin: Japanese. Meaning: ...
  • Perez. Origin: Spanish from Hebrew. Meaning: ...
  • Linnéa. Origin: Norse. Meaning: ...
  • Pharez. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: ...
  • Reseda. Origin: Latin. Meaning:

What girl name means beautiful flower? ›

Flora. This name is derived from the Latin name 'Flos' and it means 'flower'. The name also belonged to the Roman Goddess of spring and flower.

What is the prettiest name for a baby girl? ›

Top 1,000 Baby Girl Names of 2021
  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Charlotte.
  • Amelia.
  • Ava.
  • Sophia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.
12 Aug 2022

What girl name means beautiful? ›

Girl baby names that mean beautiful
  • Bonnie. This cute name that means “beautiful” and “cheerful” is derived from Scotland, where they actually use is as a word in place of pretty—i.e. “She was a bonnie lass.”
  • Venus. ...
  • Calista. ...
  • Calliope. ...
  • Linda. ...
  • Mabel. ...
  • Aden. ...
  • Kenneth.
9 Apr 2019

What is a unique female name? ›

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. ...
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
  • Lorelei. ...
  • Lucinda.
11 Feb 2022

What name means blooming flower? ›

Floryn. Floryn is a Latin unisex baby name that means 'flourishing' or 'blooming flower. '

What is the prettiest name for a girl 2022? ›

Most Popular Long Names for Girls
  • Charlotte.
  • Isabella.
  • Abigail.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Scarlett.
  • Eleanor.
  • Madison.
  • Penelope.
15 Mar 2022

What is the #1 female name? ›

Top 5 Names in Each of the Last 100 Years
YearRank 1Rank 5
41 more rows

What names mean blossom? ›

Hana. It is a popular floral name among Slavic, Czech, and Hebrew that means “blossom.”

What is the most luxurious flower? ›

Kadupul Flower. The Kadupul Flower is at the top of our list, even though it has never been sold for more than the other flowers in the list. The simple reason why the Kadupul Flower is the champion of the most expensive flowers in the world list is: it is completely priceless.

What flower means love? ›

The red rose is known as the flower of love. The red rose symbolizes deep emotions and desires. Red roses are traditionally given to symbolize love, but aren't the only ones to earn this title. Other types of love flowers include peonies, sunflowers, or tulips, which symbolize happiness, prosperity and romance.

What girl name means pure? ›

Catherine: This Greek name (which has a variety of spelling alternatives) means "pure," and it's been a popular pick from the time of Catherine of Aragon to current-day royal Catherine Middleton.

What name means love and beauty? ›

Venus is the name of the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

What is the most magical name for a girl? ›

Popular Magical Baby Names for Girls
  • Calypso.
  • Daenerys.
  • Delilah.
  • Faye.
  • Hermione.
  • Iris.
  • Luna.
  • Sabrina.
5 Oct 2022

What name means eternal flower? ›

Aiyana as a girl's name is of Native American origin, thriving with lifelong meaning. A definition of "forever flowering," "blossoming," or "eternal flower" might suggest that baby has some room to grow.

What name means flower of heaven? ›

Leilani. Leilani is Hawaiian in origin and means 'heavenly flower'.

What will be popular baby names in 2022? ›

But while the top girls' names have shifted, firm favourites for boys' names have remained fairly stable, with Muhammad staying at number one and Noah at number two. Jack soared six places to take third place from Oliver, which dropped to number six.
Girls' Names
  • Lily.
  • Sophia.
  • Olivia.
  • Amelia.
  • Ava.
  • Isla.
  • Freya.
  • Aria.
5 Jul 2022

What is a meaningful name for a girl? ›

  • Gabriella: Hebrew — Devoted to God.
  • Grace: Latin: Goodness; generosity.
  • Hannah: Hebrew — Favor; grace of God.
  • Isabelle: Hebrew — God is my strength; devoted to God.
  • Jocelyn: Latin — Happy; joyful.
  • Kaitlyn: Greek — Pure.
  • Kalila: Arabic — Heap of love.
  • Layla: Egyptian — Dark beauty.
7 Apr 2022

What girl name means gift from God? ›

Girl Names That Mean Gift Of God

Daysha (Latin) “gift from God” Dilsey (Sanskrit) “gift of God” Dolly (English) “gift of God” - Dolly is also on our list of southern baby girl names. Doretta (Greek) “gift of God” - Doretta is also on our list of beautiful old fashioned girl names.

What are the top 50 girl names? ›

Here's the complete list of the top 50 baby girl names of 2021.
  • Victoria.
  • Hannah. ...
  • Addison. ...
  • Leah. Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images. ...
  • Lucy. CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images. ...
  • Eliana. Fairfax Media via Getty Images. ...
  • Ivy. Thearon W. ...
  • Everly. Chris Polk/KCA2018 / Getty Images. ...
10 Nov 2022

What is the shortest flower name? ›

Watermeal (Wolffia spp.) is a member of the duckweed family (Lemnaceae), a family that contains some of the simplest flowering plants. There are various species of the genus Wolffia worldwide, all very small. The plant itself averages 1/42” long and 1/85” wide or about the size of one candy sprinkle.

What flower symbolizes beauty? ›

Daisies are known for symbolizing beauty, innocence, and purity, Law says.

What are some beautiful rare girl names? ›

40 Beautiful Rare Girl Names You May Have Missed
  • Aella. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Whirlwind. ...
  • Aneira. Origin: Welsh. Meaning: Much snow. ...
  • Arista. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Harvest. ...
  • Beatrix. Origin: Latin. Meaning: Blessed. ...
  • Carys. Origin: Welsh. Meaning: Love. ...
  • Ciela. Origin: Spanish. ...
  • Darya. Origin: Russian. ...
  • Dasha. Origin: Russian.

What name means cherry blossom? ›

Sakura (桜) - Sakura means “cherry blossom” and is derived from saku 咲, which means to bloom, or alternately to smile/laugh. The 口 in 咲 indicates an open mouth. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

What are spring names? ›

More Spring Baby Name Ideas
  • Anastasia. Meaning: Resurrection.
  • Claire. Meaning: Clear and bright.
  • Iris. Meaning: Rainbow.
  • May. Meaning: A springtime month.
  • Aurora. Meaning: Goddess of Light.
  • April. Meaning: A springtime month.
  • Jade. Meaning: A gemstone.
  • Laurel. Meaning: Spring-like.

What is a rare flower? ›

Rare flowers can be those that only bloom under specific conditions or found at specific destinations under the right ecological conditions or are only rarely found growing in the wild.

What is the most sentimental flower? ›

Here are the ten most romantic flowers and the meaning they carry.
  • Tulips, (Love).
  • Lilacs, (New Love).
  • Red Roses, (Everlasting Love).
  • Orchids, (Luxury).
  • Pink Stargazer Lilies, (Wealth and Prosperity).
  • Pastel Carnations, (Love and Admiration).
  • Daisies, (Innocence).
  • Alstroemerias, (Devotion and Friendship).
9 Feb 2021

What is the rarest blooming flower? ›

The Middlemist's red is the rarest flower on Earth. The stinking corpse lily is the largest flower on Earth. 571 species of plants and flowers are thought to have become extinct since 1750.

What is the Greek word for blossom? ›

Etymology. From Ancient Greek ἀνθηρός (anthērós) ("blooming, flowering, flowery"), from Ancient Greek ἄνθος (ánthos) ("flower").

What is the Greek name for blossom? ›

Her name Antheia is derived from the Ancient Greek word ἄνθος means "flower" or "blossom".

What Japanese girl name means blossom? ›

It means “beautiful blossom.” 79. Sakura. If you like the simple meaning “cherry blossom,” you can go with Sakura, pronounced SA-KOO-RA.

What is the Italian word for blossom? ›

blossom {noun}

alba {f} [fig.]

What is blossom in Hawaiian? ›

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mohala. Mohala means to "unfold" or blossom, like the petals of a flower would.

Who is the goddess of flowers? ›

Flora was in later times identified with the Greek Chloris (See HORAe). In works of art she was represented as a blooming maiden, decked with flowers. The personification of the spring season, and goddess of flowers, the wife of Zephyrus, mother of Carpos ("Fruit"). She was identified by the Romans with Flora.

What is a powerful name for a girl? ›

Strong Girl Names & Meanings
AudreyNoble strengthEnglish
AvyannaStrong, Powerful, Beautiful. WomanAmerican
AzizaBeloved precious; mightyHebrew
BaldhartBold or strongGerman
BennyBlessed; strong, brave bearSpanish
10 more rows

What is the prettiest Greek girl name? ›

Along with Sophia and Penelope, other Greek girl names in the US Top 1000 include Alexandra, Arianna, Chloe, Cora, Evangeline, Iris, Lydia, Maya, Ophelia, Thea, and Zoe. Girl names popular in Greece include Konstantina, Katerina, Dimitra, and Eleni.

What is the prettiest Japanese girl name? ›

The most popular Japanese baby girl names
  • 1) Himari (陽葵) Meaning: “good hollyhock”
  • 2) Hina (陽菜) Meaning: “good vegetables, edible greens”
  • 3) Yua (結愛) Meaning: “binding love and affection”
  • 4) Sakura (咲良) Meaning: “cherry blossoms”
  • 5) Ichika (一千花) Meaning: “one thousand flowers”
  • 6) Akari (丹梨) ...
  • 7) Sara (冴咲) ...
  • 8) Yui (佑泉)
19 Jun 2021

What name means peach blossom? ›

Mengtao. Another name with gorgeous imagery, Mengtao means “elegant peach blossoms in a sunny garden.”

What is blossom called in Japanese? ›

Cherry blossoms in Japanese are known as sakura and it would not be an exaggeration to say they are a national obsession.


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